Bird Finger Puppets

We have another craft idea for all the bird lovers, a set of bird finger puppets. We have created a set of birds – a chicken, a parrot, an owl, a penguin, a duck and a pigeon for you to use and have a wonderful day. .

Bird finger puppet

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Our favorite birds are parrots because some can talk and mimic human voices, plus they are super goofy, and the other one is owls because they can turn their heads 360 degrees and we find them really fun to watch.

Bird Finger Puppets Crafts for Kids to Make

Which bird is your favorite and why?

Bird Finger Puppets Crafts for Kids

We bet this project will beat boredom.

How to make bird finger puppets

What you need:

  • colored pencils (if you use the black and white version)
  • drag
  • glue

Materials used

Be crafty!

Step by step guide

Print and cut our provided templates.

If you use the black and white version, color the birds with colored pencils.

Cut two small holes in the circle for fingers.

Step 2

Apply some glue to the back of the bird shapes and stick them to the circles.

Glue the dove and penguin,…

Step 3

…the duck and the parrot,…

Step 3-1

…and the chicken and the owl.

Step 3-2

Insert your index and middle fingers through the holes and start walking.

Step 4

Done! Fun right?

Bird Finger Puppets Crafts for Kids

See how the birds move when you move them with your finger!

To make this project more interesting, you can add bird noises like `hoo hoo` for the owl, `cheep cheep` for the chicken, `coo-roo-too-coo` for the dove, `quack quack` for the duck, `prr-cra` for the parrot and ‘haaa-ha-haa-wiik’ for the penguin.

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Spread joy around your family as you make these noises.

Bird finger puppet crafts for kids

You can recommend this craft to all your friends to play together and shout these bird sounds.

Hope you enjoy today’s project.

Bird Finger Puppets Crafts for Kids

Stay tuned for more bird crafts!

Bird Finger Puppet Craft Ideas

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