Bug Pipe Cleaner Crafts with Pom Poms

Cleaning stick crafts are really fun (and great for fine motor development) and there are so many things you can make with them – check out these cleaning stick crafts we made using them and pom poms!

There are lots of fun insects you can make, so this would be a great spring craft for kids.

Bug Pipe Cleaning Craft with Pom Poms - a cute and fun spring craft for kids

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Today we were walking in the woods and heard a buzzing sound around some trees. And guess what we found? A beautiful bee house hanging from a tree.

Did you know that wasps chew up bark fibers in their tiny mouths and spit them out to form the rough paper they use to make these houses? Interesting right?

And the house we found was full of little bees. We could see them coming in and out of the house and flying around the house.

Pipe Cleaning Crafts for Kids

We didn’t want to bother them because they could get very nasty and sting us on the nose and hands, so we just kept walking.

Crafts made from insect straws for kids

After getting home, we came up with a fun idea and made cute, painless colorful finger bells, then put them on our fingers and fly them around the house.

Duct cleaning crafts for kids

We had fun.

Crafts made from insect straws for kids

How to make insect tube cleaning crafts

What you need:

  • one chenille stick + 1/4 chenille stick
  • a big pom-pom
  • four or five small fur balls
  • two innocent eyes
  • foam
  • hot glue gun or kids glue
  • drag
  • pencil

Materials used

Step by step guide


Spread a little hot glue on the large pom-pom – or if working with younger children, have them use glue dots, …

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Step 1

…then put the googly eyes on. That will be the tip of the siren.

Step 2


Now apply some glue to the back of the head and start by adding a small pom-pom,…

Step 3

… then continue adding other smaller pom poms, forming a row.

Step 4

Wings Frame

Take the cotton swab and fold it into a pretzel shape.

Step 5

Then wrap the two ends of the stick around the cookie to secure it.

Step 6

Apply a little glue to the wings…

Step 7

…and place them on top of the bell body.

Let the glue dry.

Step 8


Take ¼ chenille stick, form a circle…

Step 9

…and secure it with hot glue.

Step 10

Attach the circle to the body.

Step 11


Use a pencil to draw two wing-like shapes on the back of the self-adhesive foam sheet,…

Step 12

… then cut out the wing shape.

Step 13

Place a little hot glue on top of the wing shape, …

Step 14

…and glue them to the wing frame.

Step 15


Crafts made from insect straws for children

Too easy right?

Crafts made from insect straws for children

Do as much as you like.

Crafts made from insect straws for children

Have fun playing with these cute colorful bells!

Bug pipe cleaning craft ideas

Project contributed by Ema P.

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