Chicken Handprint Craft for Kids

Easter handprint art goes 3D with this gorgeous chicken handprint craft for kids.

This adorable Easter craft for kids will look great next to your Easter eggs.Chicken Handprint Craft for Kids

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Hand printed arts and crafts are always popular with kids, I mean who doesn’t love using their hands as paintbrushes?

We shared an adorable piece of Easter bunny handprint art a while ago, and while this Easter chick looks pretty cool handprinted on paper, the idea of ​​a chicken 3D that can stand on its own seems interesting. And so we created a chicken.

Handmade chicken handprint printing

How to make chicken handprint crafts for kids

What you need:

  • black marker pen (thick)
  • white construction paper
  • green paper
  • toilet paper roll (or other paper roll)
  • red paper
  • yellow or orange paper
  • drag
  • glue

Step-by-step instructions

Place your left hand outstretched on a piece of white paper.

Draw around your finger with a black marker (you can also use a pencil and redraw with a marker later).

Don’t draw around your wrist.

Take your hands off.

Complete the shape.

Draw wings (inside the palm) and a dot for an eye (on the thumb). Draw some lines for feathers.

Cut chicken (cut along the contour of your hand).

Take a roll of toilet paper and cut a smaller roll (about 1/3 of the roll).

Cut two slits into the paper roll (one across the other).

Draw a chicken comb on red paper…

And a beak on orange or yellow paper…

And cut them out.

Stick to the chicken’s head.

Push the chicken into the slits you made on the paper roll.

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Cut a strip of green paper. Cut the grass”.

Glue around the paper roll.

Bend the grass.

And that’s it, you’ve made a chicken handprint craft.

Chicken handprint craft ideas for kids

Wishing you successful manufacturing!

Chicken handprint craft ideas

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