Counting Caterpillar Craft

One, two, three count with me! This Counting Caterpillar game makes a fun counting activity – let your child learn to count from 1 to 10 (or more) with the help of this error-prone friend.

This is an easy and fun dish to make at home or in the classroom.

Counting caterpillars

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Caterpillars are very small and do not make any noise. We just love them.

They eat continuously to grow and turn into lovely butterflies and moths and fly away.

Amazing creatures, right?

Counting Caterpillars Craft for Kids

And guess?

Today we came up with this idea and made an adorable math caterpillar for you.

Counting caterpillar crafts for kids to make

Assembly is easy and makes counting fun.

Hope you enjoy it.

How to make a counting worm

What you need:

  • colored paper (cardboard)
  • round awl
  • Clips
  • a pom pom
  • two bulging eyes
  • glue
  • tick

Be crafty!

Materials used

Instructions step by step

Chisel 10 circles using a circle chisel.

Step 1

Write a number from one to ten in each circle.

Step 2

Use half pins to connect the circles – glue them across the front…

Step 3

…and secure them in the back.

Step 3-1

Repeat with all your circles.

Step 3-2

Punch another circle with the circle punch.

Step 4

Apply some glue to the googly eyes and stick them on.

Step 5

Draw a nose and mouth with a marker.

Step 6

Attach the end to the rest of the circle using split pins.

Step 7

Apply a little glue to the pom-pom and put it on your head to make hair.

Step 8

All has been done!

Caterpillar counting completed

Now you can start counting and playing with your caterpillar.

Counting Caterpillars Craft for Kids

You can even shrink it, close the circles, and then expand it again.

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Counting caterpillars crafts for kids to make

Was this project fun to do?

Please send us pictures of your caterpillars.

We’ll be excited to see how they turn out for you. See you soon with more caterpillar crafts!

Caterpillar counting activity idea

The project was contributed by Ema.

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