Craft Stick Flowers


These handmade flowers would make the cutest cards for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day.

The small heart shaped flower opens and reveals a hidden message inside.Flower Crafts for Kids #flowercraftsforkids #craftsforkids

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We love all the colors spring brings! Oh and the flowers!

These stick flowers crafts are perfect for Valentine’s Day (the heart shape is incredibly versatile) or as a Mother’s Day gift for kids.

They are quite easy to make and have a wonderful appeal when opened and revealed the message inside.

If you are doing this project with younger children, we recommend using large craft sticks and making larger heart shaped flowers as they will be easier to cut. Older children can easily make small flowers.

Are you ready? Let’s do it!Flower Stick Crafts for Kids

How to make handmade flower sticks

What you need:

  • colored paper for flower making
  • yellow construction paper
  • green construction paper
  • craft stick
  • blue paint
  • paint brush
  • glue
  • drag

Watch Video Tutorial

Step by step instructions

Paint the craft sticks green. Let the paint dry.

Fold floral colored cardstock (red, pink, and purple work really well).

Draw a heart shape so that the top of the heart touches the fold (this is important).

Cut out the heart shape but be careful not to cut the fold at the top of the heart (the two raised parts). This will make the heart open and close like a card.

Cut a smaller heart shape from yellow paper (you can redraw the first heart shape and cut it out a little to make a smaller one).

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Glue the small yellow heart inside the flower heart.

Write your message.

Apply glue to one end of the craft stick.

Glue the heart shaped flower.

Cut out a leaf shape from green cardstock and glue it onto a craft stick.

Simple handmade flower sticks

Handmade flower stick crafts

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