Craft Stick Tiger

Tigers are extremely fun to observe and make for great crafting inspiration. This Tiger Stick Craft is simple to make and can provide hours of imaginative play.

Craft Stick Tiger

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We love making Animal Crafts for kids (check out our Tiger Corner Bookmarks or make some Cat Clothespin Puppets).

DIY Craft Stick Tiger

Today we will make a simple tiger using paper and craft sticks.

Tiger on a handmade stick

How to make a handmade tiger

What you need:

  • printable template
  • drag
  • pencil
  • black marker
  • glue
  • 5 craft sticks
  • colored paper (beige, orange and pink)
  • acrylic paint (orange and beige)
  • paint brush
  • sharp eyes

Materials used

Step-by-step instructions

Place four wooden craft sticks next to each other.

Step 1

Paint craft sticks orange.

Step 2

Cut out the tiger pattern.

Step 3

Draw the head and legs on orange paper.

Step 4

Then draw the mouth on beige paper.

Step 5


Cut a craft stick in half.

Step 6

You will receive two smaller pieces.

Step 7

They must fit horizontally – across the four craft bars.

Step 8

Add glue.

Step 10

Glue two broken craft sticks to the back.

It will hold the tiger’s body together.

Step 11

Paint part of the tiger’s body in beige in an ellipse shape.

Step 12


After cutting out the head, glue the beige part of the face onto it.

Step 13

Draw the tiger’s eyes and nose.

Step 14

You can add small face designs to the tiger.

Step 15

Cut out some pink semicircles to add a bit of detail to the tiger’s ears.

Step 16

Glue those pink half circles inside the tiger’s ears.

Step 17

Next, you will glue the googly eyes onto the tiger.

Step 18

Draw some mustaches too.

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Step 19


Add some details to the tiger’s paws.

Stripes and claws are always fun!

Step 20

Make sure you create a pattern for all four legs!

Step 21

Glue the tiger head onto four orange craft sticks.

Step 22

Take the two legs you created and glue them onto the tiger from behind.

Step 23

Now glue the remaining two pins onto the front of the craft stick.

Step 24


Take some time to draw the tiger with the orange tail.

Step 25

Draw some patterns on the tail.

Step 26

Glue the tail to the back.

Step 27

You can be as creative as you like with your tiger.

Step 28

What a majestic cat!

Craft Stick Tiger for kindergarten

You can make a whole tiger family if you like.

Stick Tiger Craft

Have fun crafting!

Make a tiger craft

Get your Craft Stick Tiger pattern here

Craft Stick Tiger

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