CVC Words Activity

CVC and CCVC words are among the first words children read, so they are the foundation for a wonderful world of literacy.

Today we want to share with you an easy CVC vocabulary activity, one that can be used in many ways and is therefore very useful in teaching.

CVC printable activities for kids

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This printable CCVC and CVC word activity will make learning about these words fun as children can build and explore the words themselves. You can use these printables as clip cards (with clothespins) or use velcro (or both) and let children build the words.

You can use them independently or give your child a sheet of paper to write down the words they have constructed.

CVC Words Printable Worksheets

How to prepare for this CVC vocabulary activity:

You will need:

Step one

Print the sheets.

Cut out all the pieces.

Ready to get plastic injection?

When laminating small parts, we recommend applying a small amount of glue to the back of them before placing them in the laminating bag.

This will help them stay in place when laminated.

Time for lamination!

With both operations, you can use them with clothespins or with velcro dots.

We created “clip tags” with velcro dots.

The word ladders is made with clothespins. Ask children to say the words aloud as they move the clothespins.

CVC Printable Activity

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