Disguise a Turkey as a Princess Printable Template

Is your turkey ready to put on its royal attire? With our easy-to-use turkey princess disguise template, your child will be able to create a fancy-looking costume for their turkey. Join us for one of the most fun Thanksgiving projects.

We’re really excited to welcome another crossdresser into our family of turkey crossdressing prints, we’ve shared quite a few fun ones already and now it’s time for this princess to shine .

Disguise your Turkey into a printable craft pattern for a princess

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You can use this princess disguise of a turkey to make a cool princess costume.

If your kids are fans of some of the more famous princesses like Ariel, Cinderella, Belle, Tiana, Snowhite, Aurora or even Elsa, they can use prints and their imagination to transform into princesses. Dress up as their favorite princess. All they need to do is use colors that match their favorite princess or add the details themselves.

Dress up Türkiye as a princess printable

How to assemble our princess turkish disguise printable template

What you need

  • our printable template (you can get the princess disguise printable near the end or you can get the whole set with over 25 outfits)
  • color supplies
  • drag
  • glue

You can use regular printer paper for this project. Printed paper or heavier cardboard is also a great choice.

Step-by-step instructions

You will need a print of a turkey and a turkey as a background (with the text, “I am not a turkey, I am…” or the one with a rectangle above the head). Also, print out a sheet of paper with a picture of a princess in costume.

Color in all parts of the pattern. Color the accessories and cut them out.

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Alternatively, color the paper using just the turkey. This will be the turkey in disguise, so let the kids think about what colors to use to dress up their turkey as a princess. The tail feathers can be green to resemble a bush or can be yellow to resemble a royal throne. The choice is in your child’s hands.

The body can be colored to look like a turkey, or you can have your child color it according to skin tone (smart turkeys use powder for camouflage).

Apply a small amount of glue (preferably glue) to the dress and press it onto the turkey’s body.

Looked for royalty!

Do the same with the hair and crown.

Take the last sheet of paper and color the turkey on it using natural colors.

Fold along the dotted line and apply glue to the fold, right in the middle.

Take the turkey disguised as a princess and press it into the glue. Align it with the turkey in the back.

Now this turkey can turn his princess costume on and off whenever he needs to. This pairs well with our printable unicorn turkey camouflage.

Disguise Türkiye as Princess Printable Template

Get more outfits

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