DIY Wind Chime Ghost Craft

Recycle and make beautiful Halloween decorations with your kids – make this wind chime ghost craft.

This project should be on your Halloween craft list because it’s easy to make, looks great, and can be used for years to come.

Homemade Wind Chime Ghost Halloween Crafts for Kids

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Recycled crafts are always great – not only do they give new life to old items, they’re also cheap.

You can make this using leftover ribbon, or even use old t-shirts, cutting long strips of fabric to replace the ribbon.

Spooky Craft Ideas for DIY Wind Chimes

How to make DIY ghost wind chimes


Empty tin can with label removedWhite paintPaint brushVarious black and white ribbonsBlack craft foamScissorsHot glue gun

Step by step instructions

Start by painting the outside of your empty can white. Make sure the can is completely clean and dry, and all signs of the label have been removed.

You can hold the inside of the can in your hand and rotate it while you paint to avoid making a mess. We used white chalk paint because it dries quickly, but you can use any craft paint you have on hand.

Once the paint is dry, cut out two round eyes and an oval mouth shape from some black craft foam. We wanted to give our ghost a playful look, so we used two different sized eyes.

Glue the eyes to the front of the painted can. Make sure the top of the can where the lid is facing up.

Use glue to attach the oval mouth to the front of the tin can below the eyes.

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Cut long strips from different types of black and white ribbon.

Glue the strips to the bottom of the tin can so that they hang down. You can cut them to the desired length.

Cut a small piece of ribbon and tape it horizontally to the inside of the can.

It will act as a hanger for your ghost duct and help it hang evenly instead of leaning to either side.

Thread a longer piece of ribbon through the glued loop at the top and tie it tightly.

Now you can hang the wind pipe on a tree or in your home for holiday decoration.

DIY Wind Chimes Ghost Craft

DIY Wind Chimes Crafts for Kids

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