Easter Agamograph Template

Making all sorts of Easter crafts is a fun part of the upcoming holiday, and we have the project just for you!

Your child will have a great time coloring and folding the Easter image in half and creating their new notepad.

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With all the joy that the Easter holidays bring, it is the perfect time to get creative with your students or children and create colorful works of art.

This time we have prepared a lovely Easter agamograph template for kids to color and fold.

Agamograph is a special craft in which two images are intermixed to create the illusion of one complete image when you look at them from two different angles.

And it will definitely be a beautiful decoration in your classroom or home when completed.

This agamograph template includes an image of an Easter bunny holding an egg and an Easter basket full of eggs.

We have two versions of the Easter agamograph template.

If your child has colored some of our previous agamographs, they will easily figure out how to color this one.

But if your child hasn’t done any of these before, you can first print out our second (do-it-yourself) version of the Easter agamograph, where your child will color the entire image first, then cut them out and take turns piecing them together to create their own unique agamograph.

Ready to color and fold your own creation? Let’s get started!

Easter Agamograph Crafts for Kids

Easter Agamograph Craft Pattern

How to make an Easter Agamograph

What you need:

  • one of our Easter agamograph templates (get it at the end of the tutorial)
  • thicker printing paper (regular paper will also work)
  • printer
  • coloring materials
  • drag
  • optional scoring tool (you can use the built-in similar tool)
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Are you ready to make your own agamograph? Let’s get started!

Watch video

Follow the step-by-step instructions below

Print out the Easter agamograph template (you can find it at the end of the tutorial).

Color in with your best markers. We like to use different colors for each background, so the resulting image really pops.

Cut out the pattern.

Use a ruler or similar object on hand and a marking tool to mark along the lines to make folding easier in the next step.

It’s time to start folding the agamograph using the accordion technique. Begin the fold by turning the page all the way around and starting with the first piece of the agamograph “puzzle” as shown below.

Continue folding the alternating images tightly…

…until the last agamograph piece.

Gently unfold your Easter agamograph craft and display it in a beautiful location.

Easter Agamograph Template for Kids to Make

Get the Easter Agamograph pattern here

Print version one or version two.

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