Easter Chick Paper Craft

This Easter chick paper craft is a great idea for preschoolers (or even older preschoolers) as a few of these chicks would make an impressive Easter display.

Cute Easter Chick Paper Craft Ideas for Kids #Eastercrafts #chickcrafts #papercraftsforkids

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This year we are gearing up for Easter and have prepared all sorts of simple and fun Easter craft ideas that kids can do at home or in the classroom.

This adorable chick is an easy arts and crafts idea that is suitable for preschoolers and up, but if you simplify it a bit or help with a few steps, it would also be a good project for older preschoolers. You can make the strips of paper wider and make the feet less detailed for kids who are just starting to practice their scissor skills.

Simple Easter Chick Paper Craft

Are you ready to make chicken?

Let’s start crafting!

Easter Chick Paper Craft for Kids

How to make an Easter chick paper craft

We love working with paper strips, this project is a spin-off from our super popular paper strip peacock craft (also check out this paper strip lamb if you need more Easter ideas)

What you need:

  • white cardstock for the base (green or blue would be great too, you could really use any color)
  • yellow paper (regular printer paper or construction paper)
  • orange paper (craft paper or regular paper)
  • wobbly eye patches or googly eyes
  • scissors (you can also use paper scissors, they come in really handy if you’re cutting strips of paper for kids)
  • glue

You can also cut grass out of green paper and stick it under the chick.

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Watch Video Tutorial

Step by step instructions

Cut the paper strips. We cut our paper strips the width of a regular sheet of paper (letter/A4 size) lengthwise and they are about a “finger” wide.

Cut a moderate amount, we think we used about 8 for each wing.

Cut a circle out of yellow paper. This will be the body of your chick.

Glue this circle onto a white (or any color of your choice) piece of paper.

Take the strips of paper and make small paper loops – glue the ends of the strips together.

Make loops from all your paper strips. Let the glue dry.

Take one loop, apply glue to the end of the loop (where you glued the two ends together), only apply it to one side…

And glue it onto your Easter canvas :). Place it on the left or right side of the chick’s body.

Glue all the paper strips together, forming wings (a candy-shaped creation).

You can even layer the paper to add more volume to your chick craft.

Cut legs out of orange paper.

Glue the legs to the body of the chick.

Cut out the beak and glue it onto the chick.

Add a pair of eyes.

Cute Easter Chick Paper Craft

Easter Chick Paper Craft Ideas

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