Fall Tree Newspaper Craft

If you’re ready to make a fall craft but the leaves aren’t turning brown yet, we have a fun fall tree newspaper craft idea you can make.

Recycle old newspapers and store flyers to create a beautiful upcycled fall craft.

Autumn tree newspaper craft

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Newspaper Autumn Tree Crafts

Craftsmanship today is mainly about fallen leaves and autumn.

Make your own autumn tree newspaper

How to make autumn tree newspaper crafts

What you need:

  • drag
  • glue
  • blue paper
  • old newspapers, magazines or store flyers
  • thin cardboard or brown paper

Materials used

Step-by-step instructions


To make the chest, have the kids wrinkle brown paper. You can also ask them to use old newspapers and paint them brown.

Step 1

It will take a little twisting and turning to shape the stem.

Step 2

It is an exciting process for young children.

Step 3

Ask them to trim the ends to get the desired length of the stem.

Step 4

This is an example of what a tree trunk looks like.

Step 5

Have your child glue the tree to the bottom of the blue paper.

Step 6


The tree needs several branches. Have your child cut out a few rectangles of different sizes to make tree branches.

Step 7

We have created our own six branches, your child can create any number they like.

Step 8

Have children twist the branches the same way they twist the trunk.

Step 9

All six branches are ready.

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Step 10

Next, they need to apply glue (on the branch or paper) and stick the branch on the paper.

Step 11

Let them be natural with the placement of branches.

Step 12

The leaves

Prepare old newspapers, magazines or brochures and let children cut out leaf shapes. Any color will do, but if you’re aiming for an autumn feel, red, yellow, orange and brown are best.

Step 14

Any color will do, but if you’re aiming for an autumn feel, red, yellow, orange and brown are best.

Step 15

Different tones will make the tree look its best!

Step 16

It’s time to glue on the leaves.

Step 17

Have children apply glue to the leaves and stick them to the branches.

Step 18

They can stick some leaves directly onto the green paper to make it look fuller.

Step 19

They can create a pile of leaves at the bottom by gluing one on top of the other.

Step 20

Correct! What a beautiful autumn tree journalism!

Step 21

We love how the different colors make it stand out!

Handmade autumn tree

Children can create different tree shapes by twisting and folding branches.

Make your own autumn tree handmade newspaper

Have fun!

Autumn Tree Newspaper Art

And continue crafting!

Autumn tree newspaper craft ideas

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