Fan Folded Paper Umbrella Craft

What better craft to make on a rainy day than this fan-folding paper umbrella?

This is an easy craft, perfect for spring and April showers, that can be done at home or as a classroom craft with larger groups.

Easy fan folding paper umbrella craft for kids

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Spring is said to be the most beautiful time of the year, temperatures are moderate and sunny days are warmly welcomed after long winter nights… But… It is often accompanied by some rainy days. It’s no surprise that many spring craft ideas for kids are inspired by umbrellas and rain, like this easy craft.

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How to make a fan-shaped folded paper umbrella

What you need:

  • Paper of different colors
  • glue
  • drag
  • tick

Step-by-step instructions

Let’s start by making an umbrella. Regular printer paper is best, as heavier paper is harder to fold. Make a longer rectangle, of any color, and fold it all the way over (accordion fold) along the longer side.

Gently open it and, if you want, decorate your soon-to-be umbrella.

Fold it together again and fold in half.

Glue or staple the ends together.

Take a sheet of light blue (or dark blue or white) paper. Construction paper is best, as it will serve as the background for your product display.

Cut out an umbrella handle shape (younger kids can just cut a straight strip of paper) and glue it onto your background. Additionally, you can also let your child draw it.

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Apply glue to the back of the fan-shaped folding umbrella and stick it onto the paper, aligning it with the umbrella handle.

Hold it in place for a bit to let the glue set.

Cut out cloud shapes from white paper and glue them onto the background. You can also let your child draw clouds or use cotton balls to make the clouds stand out.

Finally, draw raindrops with a marker.

All has been done! Your fan-shaped folded paper umbrella is complete.

Paper umbrellas fold easily

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