Folded Paper Dinosaur Craft

Who loves dinosaurs? We do! And chances are your kids will too and this is why we know they’ll love making this origami dinosaur craft. This project is fun and easy, colorful, and makes the stegosaur look the coolest ever.

Easy folding paper dinosaur craft

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Dinosaurs are awesome and we love making all kinds of crafts with them, like this papier mache dinosaur or these dinosaur surprise cards. If you have a dinosaur enthusiast at home who would enjoy making this dino paper craft, they might also enjoy learning how to draw a dinosaur themselves or maybe color these dinosaur coloring pages .

How to make dinosaur crafts with folded paper

What you need:

  • pencil
  • drag
  • glue
  • black construction paper
  • green paper, orange paper
  • black and white marker or googly eye

Step-by-step instructions

Let’s start by making the dinosaur’s body. You will need a sheet of green (or other colored) paper. You can fold it from the bottom up (creating valley and mountain folds) or you do it the other way around (perfect for younger children). Fold the paper in half.

Fold in half again.

And one more time.

It will be a bit complicated but fold it in half.

Open. This way you will get nice and evenly distributed folds.

Now fold them, making valey and moutan folds along the fold line you created.

Once folded, fold and sandwich it in the middle.

Apply glue and glue together to make a paper fan for the dinosaur’s body.

Glue the green paper fan to the middle of a sheet of black construction paper (background paper, can be any color).

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Draw a circle with a long neck for the dinosaur’s head on green paper.

Cut it out and glue it to one side of the paper fan body.

Also cut out the tail and legs and glue them to your stegosaur craft.

Next, cut triangles (or appropriately shaped discs for the super-enthusiastic dinosaur lovers) from orange paper and glue them along the edge of the paper fan.

Last but not least, draw eyes and mouth or use subtle eyes to complete your work.

All has been done! Your folded paper dinosaur craft is complete!

Folded paper dinosaur craft

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