Fox Leaf Craft

Fall is the best time of year to make some leaf crafts, and this fox leaf craft should definitely be on your list.

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You just need a little imagination to turn ordinary leaves into amazing works of art, even more amazing if you add a little color.

These leaf foxes can be made in a snap and since they are truly a thrifty project they are a great project for kindergarten (and imagine a leaf fox bulletin board).

Are you ready to turn your leaves into beautiful foxes? Give it a try!

Fox Crafts for Kids

How to make fox leaf crafts

What you need:

  • leaf – maple leaf
  • orange, white and black paint
  • big round eyes
  • paint brushes

Step by step instructions

Collect the leaves. Make sure they are completely dry – if not, store them between layers of paper and place a heavy object (a book) on top and let them dry for a few days.

They need to dry completely, otherwise they will curl up later.

Paint the leaves with orange paint.

You can let the orange paint dry completely if you want a “crisp” white next, or just paint over white for a “softer” tone.

Paint both sides white, forming two rings.

Paint the muzzle black.

Stick two big round eyes on.

Fox leaf crafts for kids

Fox leaf craft

Leaf fox crafts for kids.

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