Free Printable Summer Word Search for Kids

Download two free printable summer word search puzzles (answer sheets available!) with word lists perfect for summer.

easy summer word search printable in black and white with an illustration of a sun wearing a snorkel and mask, an ant, and pool toys

Have a nice summer, everyone!

Are you ready to beat the heat with a fun and challenging (and FREE) indoor activity for kids?

These free printable summer word searches for kids are a great way to have some quiet time inside when the rain or unbearable heat forces you inside for a bit.

We have two levels to choose from so you’ll have something for everyone! And, if you have some kids who can finish quickly, they can spend time coloring in the pictures when they complete the word search!

(Speaking of coloring pages, be sure to grab our free printable summer coloring pages before you go).

If you want to have the answer sheet ready, scroll to the bottom of the lesson to download the full pack including word searches and their answers.

Two sheets of black and white summer word search puzzles with pink and blue backgrounds

Terms of Use: Print as many copies as you like for your children, students, after-school groups, campers, church groups, etc. To share, please use the link to this page. Please do not sell, email, share digital copies online, or distribute them in any form for any other purpose. Thank!

Free printable summer word search puzzles for kids

Whether you have a young child who is just starting to learn to read or an older sibling who loves a fun challenge, there are two difficulty levels available to download.

Below you will find an easy download button for each worksheet.

Additionally, at the end of this post we have a larger download including the summer word search and corresponding answer sheet (in case anyone needs a little help!).

Summer word search is easy

The first level is perfect for younger children, with larger fonts and simpler word lists. This word search includes vocabulary easily associated with summer fun, such as fishing, camping, and swimming. As children search for these words, they not only build reading skills but also solidify their understanding of the season’s themes.

This smaller word search is a great choice for beginning readers. The puzzle contains 10 easy-to-read words for young children. Also, there are no crosswords.

easy summer word search printable in black and white with an illustration of a sun wearing a snorkel and mask, an ant, and pool toys

Summer word search: 20 words

For older children, the second level offers a more complex puzzle. The fonts are slightly smaller and the word lists include longer words suitable for more advanced readers.

There are 20 summer words hidden in this puzzle! Can you find them all? Grab this print edition for stronger readers who are ready to take on more challenges. The words in this puzzle can go in any direction except the opposite.

Summer word search with twenty words and cute drawings of flip-flops, hot dogs, sun, and popsicles

Both word searches with answer PDFs

Anyone stuck? Or, do you want to get both search terms and have the answer ready? If so, download the PDF for the 4-page pack including the summer word search puzzle with answers.

Summer word search worksheet with answer sheet on pink and blue wavy background

Thanks for stopping by and good luck with these word search challenges!

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