Ghost in a Pumpkin Craft

We have a neat pumpkin surprise for your kids to make this Halloween.

Ghost in a Pumpkin Craft is easy to assemble and you can use it as a Halloween decoration.

Ghosts in pumpkin craft

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Want some more Halloween activity ideas? Help your child learn how to draw a pumpkin or draw a ghost in just a few simple steps with guided tutorials.

And after your kids are done drawing, they can color in a series of Halloween coloring pages.

Halloween ghosts in pumpkin paper crafts

Today we made this Halloween project and wanted to share it with you.

So, here it is – a ghost emerging from the pumpkin. Oh!

We love this craft because it’s super simple, super easy to make, and so fun to assemble and play with.

It doesn’t look spooky at all; We bet you will love it!

How to Create Ghosts in Pumpkin Crafts

What you need:

  • orange cover
  • black cardboard
  • green cardboard
  • white cardboard
  • pencil
  • black marker
  • sharp eyes
  • drag
  • split battery
  • glue

Materials used

Step-by-step instructions

Take a pencil and draw an “O” shape on the orange cardstock to create a pumpkin.

Step 1

Draw a “Banana” shape to the left and right of the “O” shape.

Step 2

Add two more “banana” shapes.

Step 3

Then add the last two “banana” shapes.

Step 4

Outline it with a black marker.

Step 5

Cut pumpkin.

Step 6

Draw some triangular teeth in the middle part of the pumpkin as shown.

Step 7

Take scissors and cut the squash in half.

Cut along the triangular line.

Step 8

Attach the pumpkin sections with split pins (on the side), then separate the ends of the pins so the pumpkin sections stick together.

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Step 9

Draw two small triangles on black cardstock, one small triangle and a mouth with teeth. Cut them out.

Step 10

Apply some glue to these parts and stick them onto the pumpkin.

Step 11

Draw a tree trunk on green cardstock.

Step 12

Outline the trunk with a black marker.

Step 13

Cut the stem off and stick it on top of the pumpkin.

Step 14

Draw a ghost image on white cardboard.

Step 15

Outline the ghostly shape with a black marker.

Step 16

Cut the ghost body with scissors. Stick the googly eyes on the ghost.

Draw the mouth with a black marker.

Step 17

Apply some glue to the bottom part of the ghost and stick the ghost inside the pumpkin.

Step 18

All has been done!
Paper pumpkin Halloween craft

Now you can open and close the pumpkin.

Halloween Ghost in Pumpkin Craft

And a ghost will appear. Is this Halloween craft fun?

Halloween pumpkin crafts

Optionally, you can glue the Jack’O Lantern onto a straw or craft stick.

Make your own paper ghosts in pumpkin Halloween crafts

Happy Halloween everyone!

The idea of ​​a ghost in a pumpkin

Get your ghost in pumpkin craft template here

Halloween pumpkin crafts

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