Happy Birthday Coloring Pages – 30 Printable Coloring Pages

Why give a regular card when you can color in one of our awesome printable happy birthday coloring pages?

These can be used in place of birthday cards or as a fun coloring activity at a birthday party. There are many interesting designs to choose from. We are sure you will find the right ones!

Happy birthday coloring pages printable

Happy birthday coloring pages printable

Organizing a birthday party for your child? We have lots of cute birthday coloring pages to share!

The membership set also includes 12 birthday coloring pages, designed to celebrate each year of a child’s life, featuring a cupcake and a corresponding numbered candle for ages 1 to 12.

If you want to learn How to Draw a Cake yourself, follow our step-by-step tutorial.

We want to keep coloring fun! Print out some of the 100+ Coloring Sheets for the whole family from our collection and enjoy!

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Free printable happy birthday coloring pages

Welcome to the world of colors and birthday celebrations!

We’ve prepared 10 free printable happy birthday coloring pages for your kids to color in no time!

To get the entire set of 41 Happy Birthday Coloring Pages, we invite you to become our member and get access to all kinds of educational resources.

Birthday bear coloring page

Happy birthday bear

Our cute bear seems very happy about his special day – he’s wearing a party hat and holding a cupcake with a candle, symbolizing the bear celebrating his first birthday mine.

Birthday celebration

Birthday party hats

Color the party scene with confetti and party hats. Color the letters of the “Happy Birthday” caption different colors to make it stand out!

Celebration coloring pages

Party time coloring pages

Celebrate a birthday by coloring this awesome sheet – it includes a birthday letter, a balloon, some hearts, flowers and confetti. Have your kids use vibrant colors to make it more festive!

Gift coloring pages

Birthday gift

These gifts are beautifully wrapped in paper and decorated with ribbons and bows. Some are larger, and some are smaller. Have your children color this page, letting their imagination run wild as they choose colors and make these gifts come to life.

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Happy birthday balloons

BD celebration balloons

Does your child celebrate a birthday? The page is filled with confetti and balloons – each with a letter spelling out “Happy Birthday.”

Happy birthday cake coloring page

Birthday snacks coloring page

Who doesn’t like receiving snacks and sweets on their birthday? Let kids color donuts, lollipops, a large cake, and caption “Happy Birthday” in their favorite colors.

Birthday cake

Big happy birthday cake color palette

Think of all the joy and happiness of a birthday celebration – surely you’re thinking of a birthday cake, right? Color this beauty with five candles on top and let the “Happy Birthday” sign really stand out!

Happy birthday coloring page

Happy birthday coloring sheet

Want to color more? Wish your loved ones a happy birthday by gifting them a colorful “Happy Birthday” coloring page. Don’t forget to color the background too!

Party balloons

Birthday party backpack

We love to party! And every party must have balloons and confetti. Color the party balloon coloring sheet with the colors of your choice and have fun!

Party color palette

Celebration coloring pages

Are you looking for an easy to color carnival coloring page? This one will do the trick – it’s suitable for the youngest and older kids who like to use crayons, markers or colored pencils.

Happy birthday member coloring page

We’ve created a set of 41 fun and printable happy birthday coloring pages. We’ve put together a range of designs suitable for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners and older children!

These coloring pages feature festive motifs like cakes, presents, balloons, party hats, confetti, etc. We bet they will bring a smile to any child’s face.

birthday cake

Happy birthday cupcakes

Color another cupcake with a candle on top with your favorite coloring tools and enjoy the celebration.

Party time

Party animals coloring page

Have you ever seen how animals celebrate their birthdays? This guy is celebrating his fifth birthday and has invited a rabbit and a bear friend to party with him! We love their party hats and are sure the cake will be delicious. Color the entire page!

Tasty cake

Delicious cake coloring page

This delicious cake will go well with all your friends gathered around. Celebrate the birthday by coloring the engines and enjoy the event! This page is so easy to color!

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Happy birthday coloring sheet

Happy birthday coloring sheet

Have a happy birthday coloring this adorable sheet. Use vibrant markers to highlight your captions and brighten your day.

Giant birthday cupcake

Celebration cupcakes

A cupcake with cherries and a candle on top? Yes, please! This giant cupcake will be fun for kids to color at a birthday party! You can then display all the pages your child has colored and make a small exhibition.

Happy birthday sweets

Party coloring pages

We love sweets, gifts, and good times, and this birthday coloring page is like a cherry on top of the fun. Grab those coloring tools and color the whole thing!

Birthday gift

Party favors coloring pages

Who doesn’t like a surprise gift on their birthday? Make these two gifts a reality by using markers, colored pencils, or any other coloring supplies you have on hand and color the entire page!

Happy birthday cake with balloons

Happy birthday cake to color

Happy birthday! Our next coloring page is perfect for those who love the celebration and fun of birthdays. Color your delicious birthday cake with lots of frosting, candles and sprinkles.

Happy birthday coloring page

Happy birthday captions coloring page

Keep your kids busy and have them color five different “Happy Birthday” captions. Encourage children to color within the lines and color everything carefully.

Birthday cake

Birthday cake

Another sweet birthday cake to color! Choose any color you like to make the cake look unique. To make it stand out, you can paint the frosting, sprinkles, candles, and captions in vibrant colors.

Bear party with a cake

Bear blowing out candles coloring page

Celebrate birthdays with our coloring page featuring a bear blowing out fourth birthday candles on a delicious cake! This festive scene includes a bear wearing a festive party hat and a background filled with colorful balloons and confetti. So grab your crayons, markers or colored pencils and start coloring!

Birthday party balloons

Happy birthday balloons

We love balloons and they never miss our birthday parties! So gather your supplies and colors across the festival page!

Happy birthday coloring sheet

Happy birthday coloring pages

Wish someone a happy birthday by giving them an adorable coloring page that you’ve colored. We bet the gifted person will be happy to receive it! You can use coloring pages to decorate the party room and make the party even more special!

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Birthday party

Birthday party coloring sheet

We love thinking about all the fun memories and fun times that come with birthday celebrations. Birthdays are a special time to create memories that will last a lifetime, and what’s better than cherishing these moments by spending some quiet time coloring? Let’s jump in and color the whole sheet of paper!

Big birthday cake to color

Beautiful Happy Birthday Cake

What kind of cake do you like? Big, small, full of candles or just the cake? We invite you to color this beauty with 13 candles on it! Get out your markers and color the page!

Party accessories coloring pages

Birthday party celebration color palette

Every party needs festive accessories like party hats, paper crowns, confetti and lots of sweets! Have fun coloring our positive birthday coloring pages!

Birthday candle color chart

Happy birthday candle coloring sheet

How many candles will your child light this year? This coloring page features seven intricately drawn candles, and we think it would look great if you made them as colorful as you wanted.

Cat wearing a party hat

Cat at party coloring page

Create a beautiful photo that captures the excitement and joy of a fifth birthday celebration. We’re guessing a cat snuck into one of the boxes – because we know how much cats love different boxes. So run those colored pencils and leave no room!

Birthday gifts, balloons and cakes

Birthday celebration scene coloring page

We think birthday parties bring a lot of fun and excitement! You can use this coloring page at a birthday event, at home or in the classroom to keep the kids busy.

12 Happy Birthday Coloring Pages for Children from 1 to 12 Years Old

Happy 1st Birthday Coloring Pages

You will receive 12 Happy Birthday Coloring Pages just for members. Each person has a different candle with the appropriate number on the cupcake.

Get your happy birthday coloring pages here

Happy birthday coloring sheets

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