Hatching Dinosaur Paper Craft

Are you ready to make a paper dinosaur? Enjoy making Hatchling Dinosaur Paper Crafts; it is easy to assemble and fun to play with.

Hatching dinosaur paper craft

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Since we love creating different Animal Crafts for kids, we are sure that this hatching dinosaur will bring a smile to your students’ faces.

We also have many Dinosaur Coloring Pages for all the children who love these ancient giants, and if they want to learn How to Draw a Dinosaur themselves, we have prepared an easy-to-follow tutorial.

Remember the amazing hatched chick we made for Easter?

Dino blooming paper craft

Well, everyone loved it – we received a lot of praise for that project and that’s why we decided to surprise you with another creature coming out of the egg.

Dino blooming paper craft

This time we have a cute baby dinosaur inside the egg, waiting for it to break.

Dinosaur egg incubation

This is a very easy project to assemble, there aren’t many steps to follow, and we bet you already have all the materials needed for it.

Paper dinosaurs hatch from eggs

Come get creative with us; We know that many of you love dinosaurs.

How to make hatching dinosaur paper crafts

What you need:

  • light blue cardboard (or any color of your choice)
  • brown cover
  • dark blue paper
  • light blue paper
  • black marker
  • pencil
  • drag
  • glue
  • split battery
  • paper eyes


Step-by-step instructions

On green paper, draw an egg shape.

We provide dimensions so you can see how large the egg shape is.

Step 1

Cut out egg shape.

Step 2

Take a pencil and draw a crack in the middle of the egg.

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Step 3

Cut through the crack and divide the egg in half.

Step 4

Attach the halves together with split pins.

Step 5

Check that the egg opens and closes properly.

Step 6

On brown cardstock, draw some ovals and some circles.

They should not be perfect people.

Step 7

Cut out ovals and circles.

Step 8

Stick them on the egg as shown.

Step 9

Cut the excess brown paper off the egg.

Step 10

Great, you just got the mechanism working!

Step 11

On dark blue paper, draw a picture of a dinosaur.

Step 12

Cut it out with your scissors.

Step 13

Draw the dinosaur’s head and snout on light blue paper and add some spikes on the head.

Step 14

Here you can see the traced parts more clearly.

Step 15

Cut off the head with spikes and cut off the snout as well.

Step 16

Paste them on the dinosaur picture.

You should glue the head to the back of the dinosaur. Make sure to glue the snout on the front of the dinosaur.

Step 17

Glue the paper eyes on.

Step 18

Draw two nostrils on the muzzle with a black pen.

Step 19

Draw another small circular mouth.

Step 20

Glue the dinosaur inside the egg.

Step 21

The only parts that stick out are the head and snout.

Step 22

All has been done!

DIY dinosaur hatch paper craft

Every time we open the egg, we are really happy.

DIY Dino incubator from a paper egg craft

We find that these projects always bring a smile to our faces and make our days brighter.

DIY Dino blooming paper craft

Hope you guys love them too and hope they fill your days with joy.

Dino in an egg paper craft

Isn’t it cute?

That’s all for today.

DIY incubating Dino paper craft

Stay tuned for more!

Hatching dinosaur paper craft ideas

Get your hatching dinosaur paper craft template here

Hatching dinosaur paper craft

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