Hedgehog Puppet Printable Template

Who likes hedgehogs? We do! This hedgehog puppet printable will help you create a fun little paper puppet.

These little hedgehog puppets are perfect for your fall crafting session.Autumn Craft Hedgehog Puppet Printable Template for Kids

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Hedgehogs are one of the cutest denizens of the forest, and also one of the loudest! Who knew such a cute animal could make as much noise as a bear.

This little paper puppet won’t make any loud noises, it will just make as loud a noise as the child wants it to (just kidding, it will definitely be very loud).

Hedgehog puppet craft

While most of our paper puppets are extremely easy to make, the hedgehog is a little more difficult as the spikes are more detailed than a regular puppet and it takes some skill to glue them into place.

Hedgehog Puppet Print

But it was worth it for this awesome guy, right?

Hedgehog Puppet Craft Paper Template for Kids

How to use our hedgehog puppet template

What you need:

  • our printable template – get it at the end of this guide
  • thicker paper (regular paper is fine)
  • drag
  • glue
  • coloring materials

Step by step guide

Print out our hedgehog puppet template. We recommend using thicker printing paper as it will make the puppet more durable.

Color the design – you don’t need to color the entire sheet of paper, just the middle (and the accessories on page 2).

There are 4 sets of spikes – you will need 1 set for each puppet (we made 4 sets for ease of use in the classroom).

Cut off the thorns.

Go back to the first sheet of paper – fold and crease all the dashed lines.

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Both horizontally and vertically.

Apply glue to the side that says glue on it.

Fold the remaining top part back.

Fold into an M shape (see image below).

Cut slits into the rectangle below the spines – this will make it easier to glue the spines onto the hedgehog.

Glue all 3 sets of spikes, one at a time, to the back of your hedgehog puppet.

Push your finger inside the puppet

And you’re ready to play!

Hedgehog puppet craft for kids

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