How to Draw a Frog – Step by Step Drawing Instructions

Learn how to draw a frog with our easy to follow step by step tutorial. You can draw anywhere you want, because we have a printable guided drawing with step by step instructions on how to draw a frog ready for you. Convenient and easy!

This tutorial will teach you how to draw a cute little amphibian that is really easy to draw, suitable for all ages (we have some tips to make it even easier).

Learn how to draw a frog with our step by step tutorial (+ printable template) #howtodraw

*This post contains affiliate links* our easy step by step drawing tutorial and learn how to draw the most amazing little frog in no time. This tutorial is easy to follow so it is suitable for kids and beginners.

Printable drawings with guided drawing steps are very handy if you are planning a drawing lesson in your classroom as you can give each student their own sheet of paper.

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Learn How to Draw a Frog (Cute Frog) Printable Tutorial

How to draw a frog step by step

What you need:

  • our printable template (you’ll find it at the end of this drawing tutorial) or you can just look at the screen
  • paper for drawing
  • printer to print samples
  • black felt-tip pen (or pencil, crayon, etc.) (tip: most drawings will look better if drawn with felt-tip pen instead of pencil, the thicker lines will make your work look cuter and will motivate you more).

Optional: colorant to color your finished drawing.

Watch video

Follow these step by step frog drawing instructions

Step 1:

We recommend printing out our frog drawing template (scroll to the end of the tutorial to download) as it will make drawing easy on the go.

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Choose your favorite drawing medium (we like markers) and start drawing.

We’ll start with the head. Start by drawing an oval for the head (a circle will do).

Draw an oval for the frog's headStep 2

Draw two smaller circles on top of the oval. The line of the oval should “pass through” the circles.

You just finished drawing frog eyes. So easy!Draw two circles on top of the ellipse for the eyes.

Step 3

Draw the frog’s facial features. Draw two black circles for the eyes. The frog will look cooler if its eyes are looking in one direction (left or right) instead of just staring at you.

Draw the mouth. Start on the left (or right, whichever feels more natural to you) and draw a line from one side to the other, curving slightly down in the middle. Add two nostrils.

Draw the body outline by drawing two curved lines on the left and right sides. Younger children can also draw straight lines – the end result will still be beautiful.

Add facial details and draw the bodyStep 4

Add more arches! Draw frog legs on the left and right sides – the right leg is the same as when you started writing the number 2 and a similar shape on the other side.

Also, draw the belly, drawing an upside down U shape.Time to draw the line for the feetStep 5

Now to finish the legs. Draw the frog’s hind legs and front legs.

If you are more skillful, you can add finger details as shown in the picture, while young children and beginners can just draw a straight line (making the leg triangular).

Draw frog legs

Step 6

Almost done. Draw the frog’s belly and finish the details (spots on the body).

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Final details and you have learned how to draw a frog easy

Congratulations! You have learned how to draw a frog! Now just color your creation.

Color your frog drawing

Get a printable PDF template with step by step instructions for drawing a frog (cute cartoon look) here

How to draw Forg

Happy drawing!

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