How to Make a Magic Wand – DIY Magical Wands Craft

We have a special tutorial for all kids who love witches or fairies, learn how to make a wand!

This simple tutorial will show you and your kids how to make a truly magical looking fairy wand.

How to Make a Magic Wand - Perfect DIY Magic Wand Ideas for Harry Potter Fans or Fairy Lovers

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We are delighted to show you how to make your own special wand, the possibilities are endless so every child will have their own unique wand.

DIY Wand Crafts for Kids - Easy Harry Potter Crafts for Kids. Frugal and Fun.

Do you know Harry Potter and all the wizards from the “Harry Potter” series (here is a great Harry Potter craft idea)? Merlin from the animated “Sword in the Stone”?

DIY Magic Wands - Easy Magic Wands That Kids Will Love Making - Great Crafts

Even some fairies have these magic wands and they use them to cast spells on people and get whatever they want.

How to Make a Magic Wand - DIY Tutorial

Can they even make non-existent things come true?!

Aren’t they amazing? Let your child’s imagination run wild with these.

Magic Wand Tutorial

Let’s start crafting!

How to make a magic wand

What you need:

  • a pencil if you are making pencil chopsticks or chopsticks for a pair of chopsticks want
  • Hot glue gun (adults only) or low temperature glue gun
  • a large plastic bead (or rock, polymer clay, seashells – the more materials your child can choose from, the better)
  • four small plastic beads (or pebbles, gems…)
  • silver acrylic and another acrylic color of your choice (we used blue for this project)


Step by Step Instructions for Making a Wand

Apply a little glue to the tip of the pencil and attach a large plastic bead (or whatever material you choose).

Step 1

You have to work quickly before the glue cools.

Step 2

Press the bead (or other object) firmly, wait a few seconds for the glue to dry.

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Step 3

Seal the seed with hot glue (see image below).

Step 4

While the glue is still hot, place four round beads on top of the glue.

Step 5

Wait for the glue to cool.

Step 6

Use glue to form a circle around the bottom of the pencil…

Step 7

…and then spiral up.

Step 8

Let dry.

Step 9

Coat pencil and beads with blue acrylic paint.

Step 10

Let’s paint.

Coat the pencil with silver acrylic, some of the blue is still visible underneath.

Step 11

Let dry for a while.

How to make magic wand crafts for kids

Done! You have your magic wand!

You can turn a friend into a frog if you want. Just say “Hey friend, hey friend, I wish you would become a frog, PUUM, POM”.

Magic wand crafts for kids to make

Now have fun and cast spells on everyone.

Hope you enjoy this project and remember to keep your magic wand in a safe place where no one knows about it but you.

These days, it seems like everyone wants one.

How to make crafts from magic wands

Happy crafting!

How to Make Magic Wand Craft Ideas

Project contributed by Ema.

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