How to Make a Paper Ring Beetle

Do you have a child curious about bugs? This paper ring beetle would be great for a craft with kids of all ages.

This one is for you if you want to make a bug craft!

Paper ring beetle

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We love making all kinds of Animal Crafts for Kids (have you checked out our Bugs Corner Bookmarks or tried making Movable Paper Cow Dolls?) Kids will love creating out those things!

They can also color some of the Bug Coloring Pages using their favorite coloring supplies.

DIY Paper Ring Beetle Craft for Kids

Playing with beetles is fun for children, but what if you could play with as many beetles as you want?

Beetle Craft paper rings

These paper ring bugs are the perfect craft and also a great toy for kids.

DIY paper beetle craft

How to make a ring beetle with paper

What you need:

  • printable template
  • pencil
  • drag
  • glue
  • 2 sheets of brown paper
  • marker pen (black, brown and pink)
  • sharp eyes
  • black pipe cleaners

Materials used

Step-by-step instructions

Cut out the template.

Step 1


Draw a bug shape on light brown paper and cut it out.

Step 2

Draw the horns, chest and wings on dark brown paper, then cut them out.

Step 3

Horns and eyes

Glue the horns and googly eyes to the head.

Step 4


Draw the mouth and cheeks with a pink pen.

Step 5


Glue on the wings.

Step 6


Apply glue to the beetle’s chest – when applying glue, make sure to press firmly!

Step 7


Cut six small pieces from a black chenille stick.

Try to make them the same size.

Step 8

Draw black lines on the beetle’s wings.

Lines don’t have to be perfect, but do your best to make them look good.

Step 9

Bend the pieces of chenille and glue them under the body of the bug.

Step 10


Cut a strip of paper large enough to fit your fingers.

You can always use a ruler to make the line as straight as possible.

Step 11

Glue the two ends together, forming a ring to stick on the bug.

Use your finger as a ruler.

Step 12

Glue the two ends together to form a ring.

Step 13

Stick the ring under the beetle’s body.

Step 14

Your bug is done!

Step 15

How do you like it?

Step 16

We found this beetle ring to be a neat accessory.

DIY beetle rings

And you can wear it anywhere you like.

DIY beetle paper ring

You can make a bunch of them in different colors.

DIY paper beetle

Let children decide what color they want their beetle to be.

Paper Ring Beetle DIY Craft

Have fun crafting!

Craft paper making using beetles

And stay tuned for more crafts!

Paper beetle idea

Get your paper ring beetle pattern here

Paper Beetle Pattern

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