I Woof You DIY Valentine’s Day Card (Kids)

If your kids want to make a handmade Valentine’s Day card, they’ll love making this fun DIY I Woof You Valentine’s Day card. With just a little paper, scissors, and glue, this will be the cutest kid-made Valentine’s Day card ever! Like, who doesn’t love a cute pun?

Let’s dig in and discover how to create a dog-inspired token of appreciation!

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Valentine’s Day crafts are fun, but Valentine’s Day card making is even better!

DIY Pun Valentine's Day Card Ideas - I love you

You can have the kids make a heart-shaped dog V-day card to go with this card.

I Woof You DIY Valentine's Day Cards

How to make a DIY I Woof You Valentine’s Day card

What you need:

  • pencil
  • drag
  • glue
  • white and black cardboard
  • colored cardstock (we use light blue, brown, dark brown)
  • black marker

Step-by-step instructions

A card

To make cards, use letter-sized (A4) paper: whole sheet to make large cards (perfect for younger children) or cut in half to make smaller cards to fit in envelopes.

Step 1

Have the child fold it in half to make a card.

Step 2


You will need a piece of brown (or other colored) paper roughly the size of the card. Have children draw a triangle on paper.

The bottom of the triangle can be as wide as the folded card (a little narrower is fine).

Step 3

Cut out the triangle.

Step 4

Make a dog from a triangle

Gently fold the top toward the center of the triangle.

Step 5

Apply some glue and attach the folded part.

Step 6

Apply some glue to the bottom part of the card and stick it on the brown image.

Additionally, you can apply glue to the dog’s back instead of applying glue to the card.

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Step 7


Ask the kids to fold dark brown cardboard (or any other color of their choice) in half and draw an ear-like shape on it.

Cut according to the shape – they will cut both ears at the same time because the paper is folded.

Step 8

Have your child glue ears to each side of the dog’s head.

Step 9


To create your puppy’s face, have them cut out two white circles and glue them to the face.

Step 10

Then they drew two black dots for eyes.

Step 11

Instead of drawing eyes, kids can also use googly eye stickers or googly eyes.


To create the puppy’s snout, have your child cut an oval from black cardstock and glue it to the dog’s face (at the top of the folded triangle).

Step 12

“I solicit you” speech bubble

Draw a speech bubble on white paper and cut it out. Outline it with a black marker for a more cartoonish look and glue it above the dog to the card.

Step 13

It’s time to send fun messages! Ask your child to write the message “I love you” inside the speech bubble. They can really write whatever they like, but we think this pun works great!

Step 14

I Woof You’s DIY Valentine’s Day Card is finished!

Step 15

How do you like your results?

I pretended to make Valentine's Day cards

Kids can make as many cards as they want!

I Woof You DIY Valentine's Day Card Ideas

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