Minecraft Coloring Pages

Download our free printable Minecraft coloring pages for kids of all ages to color. Download the PDF easily and print your favorites or print them all!

Cute Minecraft axolotl coloring page with two axolotls, bubbles and 8-bit graphic hearts

Hello fellow colorists and Minecraft enthusiasts!

Looking for some cute coloring pages with your favorite Minecraft characters? We offer you this collection of coloring pages, from simple pictures for preschoolers to more detailed coloring pages for older children.

Our kids have been huge Minecraft fans for years and have a great time creating and playing with their friends. So of course, I asked one of my kids to help me design these Minecraft coloring pages. They loved designing these coloring sheets and we hope you enjoy them too!

Also, be sure to download our Minecraft word search printable before you leave!

Terms of Use: Print as many copies as you like for your children, students, after-school groups, campers, church groups, etc. To share, please use the link to this page. Please do not sell, email, share digital copies online, or distribute them in any form for any other purpose. Thank!

Printable Minecraft coloring pages

We’ve captured some of our favorite Minecraft characters in the coloring pages below, including creepers, some super cute animals, the Ender dragon and the Wither. Just click the download button below the coloring pages you want to print and print as many as you want!

Creeper Minecraft Coloring Pages

The creeper is a very important Minecraft character, so of course we had to include one in our Minecraft coloring pages collection. Here’s a creeper thinking about some TNT.

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Coloring page with simple drawing of Minecraft creeper imagining TNT explosive

Cute Minecraft pig coloring sheet

One of our favorite parts of playing Minecraft is all the cute animals the game has. Surely the kids will get a whole collection of animals that they also try to tame. Here’s a cute Minecraft pig being tamed with some carrots!

coloring with minecraft pig and hearts with carrots

Minecraft color palette withers

If you like Withers, here’s a spooky Wither throwing some skull bombs! This coloring sheet has a full block frame around it that you can also color in.

Simple line drawing of Minecraft Wither throwing skull to color

Cute Minecraft Axolotl coloring page

Of course, we had to include these adorable axolotls in our collection of printable Minecraft coloring pages.

Cute Minecraft axolotl coloring page with two axolotls, bubbles and 8-bit graphic hearts

Minecraft Ender dragon coloring page

Finally, here’s an Enderdragon that you can print and color with a full block border around it.

Minecraft coloring sheet with Enderdragon and cube frame

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Thanks and enjoy!

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