Movable Horse Paper Doll

Arts and crafts are fun, but this Moving Horse Paper Doll is entertaining. Being able to make this pony with your kids will be the highlight of your day!

This horse craft is also a way for your kids to spend more time being creative.

Movable paper horse doll craft template

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Movable horses are fun for children because they have the ability to move the horse around. They can also make horse sounds and give horse voices!

Create a buddy puppet for your horse by making a movable bird paper doll and playing with both.

Paper horse doll moves

Once you’ve finished creating this movable horse art, your child can learn how to draw their own horse by following our How to Draw a Horse Tutorial.

How to make a paper horse doll that can move

What you need:

  • Movable horse doll model
  • Pin
  • Marker for coloring
  • Drag
  • Cai chisel lotus
  • Rope
  • Ice cream

Step-by-step instructions

Start by printing out the template. You can print in color or black and white and then color it.

Let your child spend time coloring because this is part of the fun!

Now it’s time to cut the horse pattern. Your child may need help with this step.

Go ahead and use a hole punch or other hole making tool to make holes in the legs.

Use push pins to connect the horse’s legs.

Make sure the pins are tight!

Take an ice cream stick and stick it to the horse’s back. You can also use tape!

Create additional holes above the other holes you made. Start threading a string through the holes.

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Lightly tie the string at the end. But make sure the rope can still move.

Go ahead and let your kids play with it. They can sing songs about horses or have fun with a moving horse!

Movable paper horse doll for children

Next time you’re looking for a horse craft to make, this Moveable Horse Paper Doll is ideal. It doesn’t require a lot of materials and can help your child complete a craft on their own or with help!

Get the Horse-Moving Paper Doll Model here

Paper horse doll

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