November Coloring Pages: 5 Free Printables for Kids

Get these cute November coloring pages for kids that you can easily download and print for free.

coloring page with the word November and cartoon drawings of turkey, pumpkin pie, cider glasses and leaves

Hello coloring friends!

It’s almost November and we’re already preparing sweaters and jackets for the really cool days. Are you ready for all the great things November has to offer?

What does November look like for you and your kids?

For us here in the Southeast, November is when the weather really starts to get cold and we have to start stocking up more. We could spend all day raking leaves and slathering some warm cider around the fire. We were also able to collect fallen walnuts and watch the squirrels collect all the acorns from the large oak trees in the yard.

Additionally, the month is ended with Thanksgiving for those who celebrate it. In our family, everyone loves to throw a big party with pumpkin pie and turkey!

These November themed coloring pages are sure to get everyone excited about this fun month.

Collection of five simple coloring sheets for November

November coloring pages printable

We have four different free printable coloring pages for November, so even if you’re in a few different age groups, I know you’ll find something for everyone!

Terms of Use: Print as many copies as you like for your children, students, after-school groups, campers, church groups, etc. To share, please send a link to this page. Please do not sell them, email them, share copies online, or distribute them in any way for any other purpose. Thank!

Simple November coloring for children

two simple cartoon drawings with the word November

These first printable November coloring pages are super cute and pretty simple, with just a few elements that bring out the fun we want to have this month. Kids will love coloring turkeys, acorns, pumpkin pie, and cute leaves!

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simple november coloring sheet with turkey, pie and acorns

printable coloring with the word November and cute drawings of a cup, egg with scarf, cake, pumpkin, leaf and rake

November coloring sheet with more details

three november coloring sheets with cartoon drawings for children

Finally, our ultimate coloring sheets are perfect for kids who like to have a whole sheet of paper to color on. These take up the entire page with larger drawings to color or many smaller elements. And, I really love all the cute little parts of this November sheet, they remind me of how fun this month is.

coloring page with the word November plus cute kawii characters of a slice of pumpkin pie, a cup of cider, and an acorn wearing a scarf

coloring page with the word November and cartoon drawings of turkey, pumpkin pie, cider glasses and leaves

a page with the words November and simple cartoon drawings of acorns, pumpkins, cups, turkeys, pies and leaves

Why we love making coloring pages for children:

Many children love to color, and the good news is that time spent coloring these types of pictures is absolutely enriching! Just think, while you enjoy quiet creative time with your child, they are building fine motor skills and developing attention and concentration. In addition, studies on Mindfulness also show that coloring can reduce anxiety in children.

We aim to help parents and caregivers by creating these fun and enriching activities for children.

Enjoy your coloring pages!


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