Paper Cup Crab

Are you looking for a fun craft to do with your kids? Not only is this Paper Cup Crab entertaining, but it’s also super simple to put together.

For some reason, crabs have a way of making people smile. You’ll be smiling for hours after creating this craft!

Paper cup crab craft ideas

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This mug craft is perfect for summer-themed parties or gatherings. Have your child do these things first. It is both a fun craft and has a great decorative effect. Adults and children alike enjoy making crafts from crabs.

We love making simple summer crafts (check out the Killer Whale Pop-up Cards or make your own Printable Summer Activity Book).

How to make paper cup crabs

What you need:

  • Red paper cup
  • Black marker
  • White and red construction paper
  • Glue
  • Drag

Step-by-step instructions

Start this Paper Cup Craft by grabbing your red cup! It would be better if the cup was paper.

You can draw eyes directly on the paper cup or you can make several eyes and stick them on the cup. Any way is fine. Have fun with your eyes. You can try many different eye styles.

The next step is to draw a funny smile for the crab! Practice putting a smile on a piece of paper before you decide on your final choice for the crab!

Take the time to trim the crab’s claws. Glue the claw to the cup.

Next, you will work on the crab legs. If you’ve never made crab legs before, you’ll love this craft. You get to spend time being creative and that’s the best part about doing arts and crafts.

Stick his legs to the side of his body.

The final result is this adorable Paper Cup Crab. Children can sing, dance and smile – the options are endless! This is when your child gets crazy and has fun with their newly completed craft.

Paper cup crab making

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