Paper Firefly Craft

Make your own paper firefly crafts and make them glow during the day.

Fireflies are one of the most mysterious insects we know and we bet your kids will love making this craft.

Handmade firefly paper

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Handmade summer firefly paper

Hi everybody! It’s summer and in the part of the Earth where we live, summer means fireflies glowing everywhere for several months.

That was amazing.

The craft of making firefly paper beetles

We really love fireflies and we thought of sharing the magic with you and making today’s firefly project – a small firefly glowing in the dark starry sky.

It’s a super simple project to make but it gives us so much warmth and calm every time we look at it.

So guys, if you decide to join us in crafting today, grab your tools and let’s get started!

Fireflies at night Craft paper

How to make firefly crafts with paper

What you need:

  • black cardboard
  • dark blue paper
  • light blue paper or any color you like (for the glowing part of the firefly)
  • drag
  • glue
  • compass
  • sharp eyes
  • pencil
  • silver marker pen
  • white glue or white acrylic
  • paintbrush or toothbrush
  • a piece of self-adhesive foam tape
  • little water (one cap)

Materials used

Step-by-step instructions


Take a compass and draw a circle on black cardboard. Our circle has a diameter of 5.5 cm.

Step 1

Then cut the circle out.

Step 1-1

Mix some white paint with water, apply the paint on a brush and sprinkle some stars on the black circle.

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This is easier to do with a toothbrush, but a small paintbrush will do too.

Set the circle aside and let the paint dry.

Step 2


Take the dark blue paper and place it on part of the circle as shown in the picture.

Step 3

Use a pencil to draw a circle on dark blue paper.

Step 3-1

The semicircle line should fit perfectly.

Step 3-2

Now cut that shape out.

Step 4

Take your scissors and cut some grass. Start at the line by going down as the arrow points you.

Make sure to stop before you get to the end of the paper so you don’t cut through it.

Step 5

Repeat this process with black cardstock.

Step 6

Apply some glue to the edges of the green paper and stick it on the black circle.

Step 7

Apply some glue to the edges of the black cardboard and stick it on the green grass.

Step 8


Draw a firefly on black cardstock.

Step 9

Cut out the firefly.

Step 9-1

Let’s sketch it out with a silver marker…

Step 10

…and decorate its wings with pencils.

Step 10-1

Attach googly eyes to the firefly’s head.

Step 11

On light blue paper draw an oval

Step 12

…and cut it out.

Step 12-1

Apply some glue to the oval and attach it to the bottom part of the firefly.

Step 13

Attach the foam tape to the back of the firefly.

Step 14

Then glue the firefly to the center of the black starry circle.

Step 15

That’s all for today, guys!

DIY paper firefly craft

Let us know which bright color you chose for your firefly!

DIY paper fireflies

Enjoy making your new firefly craft!

DIY firefly paper craft


Paper firefly craft ideas

Get your firefly craft paper template here

Firefly construction paper

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