Paper House My Family Craft

Living in a warm home with family is a blessing in life. This My Family Craft paper house is the perfect craft for your child to color their house and show off to the family.

Your kids will LOVE coloring the house to match their real-life home. That’s all the great things about my profession or my family’s profession.

Paper House My Family Craft Printable Template

Making this craft is really fun for kids because it’s personal.

Children love to show off their family to their friends. This is also a great time to share about how families come in all different shapes and sizes!

How to make a paper house My Family Craft

What you need:

Step-by-step instructions

Print out the paper house template.

Go ahead and cut out the paper house template. You can help your child with this.

Fold the house as shown in the picture, following the dotted line.

Go ahead and continue folding along the dotted lines.

Fold along the lines on the other side. You will fold down each side of the roof.

You will glue the roof to the house.

Check out the options you have for creating groups inside the template.

My Family Craft Paper House

Use the template to glue family photos inside the card. You can also have your child draw a picture of your family inside the card.

Paper House My Family Craft Template

As you can see, the finished product in the eyes of children is perfection. They saw a house with their family inside. This is a great project to do when you’re talking about family! These house models can decorate a classroom or refrigerator wonderfully. Let your children share what they decide to do inside the paper house.

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