Paper Plate Christmas Wreath

There are many ways you can make a Christmas Wreath using paper plates, the one we’re sharing today is perfect for a snow-free Christmas as it also includes some autumn leaves!

Although we all want snow for Christmas, sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Christmas wreath craft paper plates for kids

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It’s winter already, isn’t it? My God, it is true and this is our favorite holiday, Christmas. Who doesn’t love Christmas and Christmas crafts? What a wonderful time, huh?

Sit in a cozy house next to a giant sparkling Christmas tree full of decorations, eat crackers and receive wonderful gifts from loved ones.

And what’s more satisfying than making your own Christmas decorations and hanging them around the house?

Paper plate Christmas wreath crafts for kids to make

And today’s project will be a paper plate Christmas wreath.

How to make a Christmas wreath using paper plates

What you need:

  • a paper plate
  • some blue acrylic paint
  • watercolor (brown, red)
  • colored pencils (yellow, orange, red, brown)
  • pom poms (green, red and white)
  • plastic beads (silver, gold and red)
  • five green feathers
  • a red bow
  • a red self-adhesive foam sheet
  • a green self-adhesive foam sheet
  • One star punching machine
  • drag
  • glue
  • a brush
  • Oak leaves and a candle (from the printable PDF provided)
  • two self-adhesive googly eyes
  • a green chenille stick


Instructions step by step

Use scissors to cut a circle in the middle of the paper plate.

Step 1

Paint the rest of the paper plate with green acrylic paint.

Step 2

Print and cut oak leaves and candles (using cardstock).

Step 3

Color them first with watercolors, then color their edges with colored pencils.

Step 3-1

Let’s sketch them beautifully…

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Step 3-2

…and give them a little shading along the edges with your colored pencils…

Step 3-3

… so they look neater.

Step 3-4

Glue oak leaves onto the wreath…

Step 4

…then apply some glue to the candle and place it in the center of the wreath.

Step 5

Take the oak leaf with the Christmas hat on it and glue it to the front of the candle.

Step 5-1

Place two googly eyes on the main oak leaf with the hat.Step 5-2

Apply some glue to the pom-poms and arrange them around the wreath.

Step 6

Apply some glue to the green feathers and arrange them around the wreath, leaving equal distance between them as shown in the picture.

Step 7

Use a star chisel to cut some green and red stars from the self-adhesive foam sheet, then place the stars on the wreath.

Step 8

Glue as many plastic beads around the wreath as you like.

Step 9

Take the green chenille stick, form it into a teardrop shape and twist the end…

Step 10

…then glue it to the back of the sheet.

Step 10-1

Take the red bow, apply some glue to the back and stick it to the top of the paper plate, in the middle.

Step 11


Christmas wreath craft paper plates for kids

Now where do you plan to hang this paper plate Christmas wreath?

We’ll be happy to hear from you, so please send us photos of the work you’ve done.

Paper plate Christmas wreath craft ideas

Good luck with your crafting and stay tuned!

Get the patterns for this Craft here

Project contributed by Ema.

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