Paper Plate Clock Craft

Time flies when you’re having fun, and what better way to make learning how to tell time a fun adventure than with a craft that’s both fun and educational? Make this paper plate clock craft with your kids and turn simple materials into a fun educational aid.

This profession combines creativity and learning in a unique way. Watch your children engage in the enchanting process of creating their own paper clocks, then moving the hands and telling the time.

This is a great time-telling activity to do in class because each child can personalize their clock.

DIY paper clock craft

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Telling time can be a difficult skill to master, so anything that makes it more fun is a great idea. Paper plate crafts are very versatile and the shape of the paper plate simply turns a plate into a clock.

DIY paper plate clock

We’ve kept it simple with this watch, but your kids can go crazy with their watch. They can even create different characters instead of just sticking with one color.

Handmade paper clock

How to make a paper plate clock

What you need:

  • pencil
  • drag
  • glue
  • paper plate
  • black marker
  • paint brush
  • green acrylic paint
  • colored paper (orange, yellow, pink and red)
  • large split pin

Materials used

Step-by-step instructions

Have children color their paper plates. This is their chance to make their watches personal; Ask your child to choose their favorite color or even draw their favorite characters or animals on a paper plate.

Step 1

Prepare circles for the numbers on the clock. You can also have your child write numbers directly on the paper plate.

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Step 4

Write the numbers in bold.

Step 6

You can also use stickers and foam stickers to make numbers.

Step 7

Add numbers to the paper plate clock.

Step 8

Draw a small hand and a large clock hand on cardboard.

Step 9

Cut them out. You can even juice them. Punch holes through hands (adults).

Step 11

Punch a hole in the middle of the paper plate (adults help).

Step 10

Push the sawn pin through the hand and through the sheet.

Step 12

Fix the split pin.

Step 13

That’s it, your paper plate clock is finished and ready to help your child tell the time.

Step 14

DIY paper clock craft

Handmade paper plate clock

Paper plate clock idea

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