Paper Roses Unicorn Wreath

Spread a little unicorn magic with this awesome DIY paper rose unicorn wreath. You can use this wreath to decorate your home or stick it on a white card and create the most magical greeting card.

You can even insert your child’s photo in the middle to make it really, really special.DIY Paper Rose Unicorn Wreath Ideas for Kids

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We all agree that unicorns are pretty cute! We love making unicorn crafts and have come up with a lot of fun projects for younger kids, however this one is perfect for older kids as it requires some skill and patience (mostly patience).

Although making these paper roses is quite simple, they are small and require good fine motor skills, as well as patience to make more than one. However, if you make this flower yourself, I’m pretty sure you’ll be hooked when you make your first one.

Unicorn wreath idea with paper roses

How to make a unicorn wreath with paper roses

What you need:

  • construction paper n white, yellow and floral
  • pencil
  • drag
  • round wreath base (store-bought or homemade)
  • glue

Step by step guide

Print the template and cut out all the parts. Use a pencil to trace the spiral patterns on construction paper – white and floral.

Also, redraw the shape of the horn (yellow paper), outer ear (white), and inner ear (I recommend beige or pink).

Cut out the traced shapes.

Let’s make the first rolled rose. Take one of the spirals. Start rolling the spiral from the outer end towards the middle.

Roll all the way to the middle.
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Glue the rolled spiral template to the middle to secure.

Repeat with all other spirals.

You will need a large amount of white wreath, as most of the wreath will be covered in clear

The flowers will take up a smaller portion of the wreath, but you’ll still need quite a few.

Prepare a circular base for your wreath. You can make the base from craft foam or use store-bought foam.

Glue the flowers to the wreath base. Try to keep the flowers next to each other.

The colored roses will take up about 1/4 of the wreath.

Fill the entire wreath with flowers.

Glue the inner ear on top of the outer ear.

Glue the ears to the back of the wreath (next to the colored roses) and glue the horns between the ears.

Let the glue dry.

Paper rose unicorn wreath

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