Paper Rosette Bat Craft

Let’s get creative with this paper rose bat craft. These are super easy to make and just look at how fun they are. They will look great hanging on a string, dancing in the air, or as a fun decoration on a bulletin board.

Paper Rose Bat Craft for Kids

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We really love the Halloween crafts at Easy Peasy and Fun, they might be our favorite. Paper roses are a great craft for all ages and you can make all kinds of cute creations with them – this bat craft is a great example.

Bat Craft Paper Roses

How to make paper rose bat crafts

What you need:

  • black paper
  • White paper
  • black marker
  • drag
  • glue
  • rope

Step-by-step instructions

We will make small bats (you can make them larger or even smaller). Start by folding a sheet of black paper in half.

Fold in half again.

Now let’s cut.

You need to cut the paper into 4 equal rectangles.

Now comes the folding part. Take 3 of the 4 rectangles and fold them as follows.

Double. Open.

Fold one of the folds toward the middle crease.

Do the same with the other one.

Now again, fold both sides towards the middle.

And one more time.

Open. You’ve got nice, evenly spaced folds that make folding this paper into an accordion a breeze.

Folds into an accordion, converting valley and mountain folds.

All the way to the end.

Once done, press down firmly, running your fingers (or craft stick) through the folds to make them crispier.

Gently pull it out to see if your accordion is okay.

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Now fold it into a “strip” and fold the strip in half.

Do the same with the remaining two sheets of paper to get 3 accordions.

Tie two of the three strings together.

Tie the third one to the first two.

Glue them all together…

To make paper roses. Set aside.

Take the remaining black paper and fold it in half.

Draw a bat wing.

Cut 2 bat wings.

Cut a small line on the wing as shown in the picture.

Fold along the slit.

Apply glue to the slot.

And stick it on the paper rose.

Draw two circles (we have outlined the glue cap) for the eyes and teeth with a black pen.

Cut out the eyes and teeth and glue them onto the Rose Bat Craft Paper.

All has been done!

Rosette Bat paper craft ideas for kids

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