Paper Rosette Fish Craft

Do you like making rose crafts? This paper rose fish craft will be the best craft you’ve made in a long time.

It will blow all other sea creatures out of the water.

Rose fish handmade paper

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There’s just something about watching fish that can make someone feel instantly happy.

Now you can make your own fish crafts and swim all day with your imagination.

How to make this paper fish craft

What you need:

  • blue, pink and white construction paper
  • drag
  • yarns
  • glue
  • tick

Step-by-step instructions

Don’t settle when it comes to crafting; make it fun! Start by laying out a piece of blue construction paper.

Fold the piece of paper in half.

Use scissors and cut the piece of paper in half.

Now comes the fun part! Fold the piece of paper like a fan.

You will do this on both sides of the paper.

Next, you will glue both DIY fans together.

Squeeze hard and tie the string in the middle.

Apply glue to the open end of the circle.

Begin gluing to form a circular rosette as shown here.

Once you glue everything, it should look like a rose-like circle.

Take a piece of pink paper and make with your own hands the parts of the fish you will need: two fins, a tail and an eye.

Glue everything where it needs to go.

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Paper rose fish craft ideas

At the end of this Paper Rose Fish Craft, you will have a very colorful fish. You can make him swim, dance and sing.

If you are looking to learn more about fish, you can go deeper into fish design as you like.

One thing that is true about the sea is that everything is different in design.

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