Paper Strips Spider Craft – Halloween Craft Idea

Spiders may be scary but not with this paper spider craft! These little squishy spider crafts are perfect for a Halloween craft session – they make a fun classroom or home decoration as you can thread them onto yarn and hang them around the room.

Do you love Halloween? Browse more of our Halloween arts and crafts ideas for kids.Paper spider crafts for kids for Halloween.

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Okay, while we say this isn’t scary, we have to admit that people with arachnophobia (I know what you mean) still find the movement of spider legs a little creepy. But that’s the fun part, right? Kids will go crazy for them.

We made a few of these because they not only look great on a table, but they also look great hanging from the ceiling if you tie white yarn to the back. Just like spiders! Want to make a Halloween display? Make some paper bats too – they look great together.

Are you ready to get started? Let’s get started!

Paper spider crafts for kids.

How to make paper strip spider crafts

What you need:

  • two sheets of black cardstock (regular printer paper will work but it doesn’t hold its shape well)
  • wobbly eye patches or googly eyes
  • scissors/paper cutter
  • round object used to form a circle
  • chalk or colored pencils to draw circles
  • glue

Optional: white yarn for hanging

Step by step instructions

Start by making a circle – the circle needs to fit about a quarter of the paper (approximately). We used a potted plant and drew around it with colored pencils.

Cut out the circle.

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Cut 8 strips of paper (6 for younger kids to make it easier to glue). They need to be about a “thumb” wide. We cut our strips to the width of the paper.

Fold all paper strips on both sides.

Apply glue and stick the strip (curved shape) to the circular base.

It should look like this.

Continue with the remaining strips of paper.

Cut 8 strips of paper to make spider legs.

Fold them in half. Make sure the folds are crisp.

Fold one side only.

Roll the other side (gently roll the paper between your fingers) – this is the shape you should get.

Turn the paper ball upside down. Stick your feet on.

We recommend gluing it.

Glue all 8 spider legs.

Stick to the eye.

And that’s it, you’ve completed your paper spider craft.

Paper Spider Crafts for Kids

Spider Paper Crafts for Kids for Halloween.

Paper Spider Halloween Crafts for Kids

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