Peek a Boo Spider – Paper Spiderweb Craft

Let’s make a spooky Halloween craft that will delight your kids.

We have prepared Paper Spider Web Crafts that are super easy and fun to make.

Paper spider web craft

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We love the spooky season and we have a huge collection of Halloween Craft Ideas for kids of all ages.

Have them color a series of Halloween Coloring Pages and follow our instructions on How to Draw a Spider or Draw a Spider Web in a Few Easy Steps.

Spider web paper craft

Today, we’ve added another fun and adorable craft to our Halloween pack – a spider poking out of a web.


DIY paper spider web

We love how this project turned out and we love that it was a super simple project.

You can make one for each of your friends and surprise them for Halloween – we bet they’ll jump for joy.

How to make paper crafts from spider webs

What you need:

  • orange cover
  • black cardboard
  • white paper (or white cardboard)
  • black marker
  • glue
  • drag
  • compass
  • pencil (and an eraser to erase pencil marks later)
  • split battery
  • silver marker pen
  • ruler
  • sharp eyes

Let’s go!

Step-by-step instructions

On orange cardstock, draw a square measuring 15 x 15 cm.

Step 1

Cut it out with scissors.

Step 2

Take black cardstock and cut out four identical triangles.

Step 3

Glue the triangles onto each corner of the orange square.

Step 4

On white paper, draw a network chain. We will complete the website later.

Step 5

Cut the web with scissors.

Step 6

Take a compass and draw a circle in the middle of the grid. Our circle has a diameter of 4.5 cm.

Step 7

Cut this circle out.

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Step 8

On another piece of white paper, draw a circle larger than the one you drew in the center of the grid.

Our circle has a diameter of 6 cm.

Step 9

Cut it out with your scissors.

Step 10

Take the circle, close the web hole and connect the circle to the web with a split pin.

Then separate the ends of the pin so the circle remains attached to the mesh.

Step 11

Check that the circle opens and closes correctly and that it completely covers the hole.

Step 12

Cover the hole with a circle and complete the web – draw the rest of the wire with a black pen.

Step 13

Apply the tape to the orange cardboard as shown. Be careful not to apply glue to the movable circle.

Step 14

On black cardstock, draw a small spider and a vertical string.

Step 15

Cut them out.

Step 16

Glue the spider and string onto the orange card inside the hole.

Step 17

Use a silver marker to draw the spider’s mouth and cover the hanging string with silver.

Step 18

Stick the googly eyes on the spider.

Your finished project will look like this.

Step 19


Make your own handmade paper from spider webs

We hope you like this little spider!

See you soon with more crafts.

DIY spider web craft paper

Keep stable!

Paper spider web craft ideas

Get your spider web paper craft template here

Spider web paper craft pattern

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