Pop Art Lesson for Kids – Lichtenstein Mixed Media

When teaching art history lessons to children, whether it’s just your homeschooled child or an entire class, one era you can’t ignore is the Pop Art period of the 1960s. This is when art took a turn and became more relaxed, fun, and no longer took itself so seriously.

Artists like Warhol and Lichtenstein created unique works, unlike any art seen before. Pop art lessons for children - Lichtenstein Mixed Media

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Show kids examples of product advertisements or some of Warhol’s work to get an idea of ​​what it might look like.

About this lesson

This lesson will cover the biography of Roy Lichtenstein and give you a fun multimedia creation that you can have your children create using common and inexpensive items, so here would be a great lesson to include when you’re not in the mood. something heavy.

About Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein was born in New York City, New York in 1923.

He entered the art world at a time when abstract expressionism was accepted, but his art did not quite fit that description or label.

Lichtenstein Pop Art Lesson - Mixed Media

He used recognizable characters like Popeye or Mickey Mouse in his early works, and he liked to use bright, basic colors and bold lines.

Soon after, other artists also created works of art that did not fit that mold, and certainly could not be considered anything classical or even just “modern”.

Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns were two of those artists and it wasn’t long before the pop art movement emerged.

Lichtenstein Pop Art

Lichtenstein was the most prolific user of comics among others and he became famous for his comic style works.

He would take a cropped version of a DC comic and focus on just one part of it, which completely changed the “story” and also increased the size enormously.

Additionally, he uses a lot of black and white motifs with bold colors on these works and they really make a statement, they are images that you won’t forget and know are his if you see them many years later.

Mixed Media Finish - Lichtenstein Art

The “Ben-Day” Dots

He used what is known as “Ben-Day” dots, which were used in newspapers and comic books to create shading and texture.

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Sometimes just one set of dots is used, such as black and white printed dots, and other times they are layered with different colors.

Lichtenstein used stencils and paint to create his artwork, but he wanted them to look like prints, and he achieved that through his skillful technique.

He even stopped signing the front to support that effect.

Lichtenstein Pop Art for Children

To create artwork in his style, I recommend using a lot of black and white, even just here and there, combining it with bright, bold primary colors.

I taught this lesson right after teaching about Walt Disney and animation so we could combine animation and comic book lettering with this into one piece.

Pop Art Lessons for Kids – Lichtenstein Mixed Media

You will need:

  • a sheet of paper for the base
  • glue
  • magazines or comics to cut and paste
  • drag
  • pencil
  • tick
  • a small piece of white paper
  • Scrapbook-style printed patterned paper, if desired, for the centerpiece
  • disposable tablecloth
  • waste paper bag

Lichtenstein Mixed Media Art Supplies

Step by step guide

Lay the tablecloth down before teaching so the glue doesn’t get where you don’t want it.

First, explain who Lichtenstein is and give some examples of his work, telling the kids how to use those colors and printed pieces together.

Cut out patterns and letters

Cutting out patterns and even just black and white text from magazines can help create easy work without having to actually draw, and you can also achieve a print, comic or cartoon look.

Pieces of paper

I have a list of fun words that you might see in comics and I also ask them to think of some words to add to the list, then I ask them to think of a word they want to use.

Different words for pop art

Then, based on that choice, they will first choose a piece of patterned paper and choose a color palette that coordinates with it.

Words to color pop art

You will then glue it to the middle of the paper but show them an example of the final piece so they can at least get an idea of ​​where it will be glued.

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Create photo collage borders

Then, ask them to look at the magazine and cut out various patterns and lettering to create a collage-style border around the outside edge of the paper.

Step 1

Choosing bold words, primary colors, and at least a few black and white details will help tie it all together and give it a “pop” look.

If it helps them know how many pieces to use, they can use a pencil to trace around the patterned paper to create an outline and that way they don’t spend too much time cutting and picking out pieces that they may not need.

Some children will try to choose small, cute objects that they like, but try to steer them away from those objects too much.

That will lose the style of the work. I allow some kids to keep those pictures to use in another piece later if they have trouble with it.

Have them spread the pieces out on paper before gluing anything down.

Step 1-1

This is important, because some people just start pasting and then discover that what they really want to show off is stuck in a spot that will then be covered, and it’s too late to remove it. don’t tear it.

Let your child treat this game like a puzzle, moving the pieces until they fill the entire space around the border as desired.

Then they can glue it all back together.

Step 2

Paste patterned paper

Once finished, you can glue patterned paper on top to create the base and middle for the comic word, this is the highlight.

Pop art for children - Lichtenstein Mixed Media

While they are cutting, keep a large paper bag nearby and encourage them to throw any scraps in there to help keep the space clean and even if you are the one doing it, it will help with recycling scraps of paper and keep them. Small pieces come off the floor.

Create your own Lichtenstein pop art

Depending on the size of scrapbook patterned paper you use, you may need to trim it to fit the center and leave a few inches for the border.

Step 3

Add key words

Now, draw the word for the children (I do this in most of my classes, but I will ask each child first, in case they want to draw their own), if they want, draw it in pencil first, if not, draw it in black marker.

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The pencil can be erased before coloring, so if it helps you draw that way before using markers then that’s best.

Step 4

Then, ask them to use a highlighter to color the word in just one or two colors, so that the word really stands out on the template and collage. Ideally, the word should match the template.

Once you have finished coloring, apply glue to the center of the piece.

Step 5

Tips for kids

Advice for young children – Chances are they won’t really grasp the concept of pop art, so it’s best not to give them too many options in terms of colors and collage items.

If you ask them to use one or two colors as a theme, they will understand that and the painting will still look more like a piece of pop art.

I pre-cut the magazine clippings according to a color theme for them, such as one set all black and white, one set green, one set blue.

All the pieces that have that tone and bold print will work well together. Then I let them choose which one they want after they pick the patterned paper.

It helps them feel in control but not overwhelmed with the work ahead.

Some children may choose words that are not really comic book style but try to let them create their own theme if they see fit.

Overall, you will find this a fun piece that is different from most of your art lessons.

Pop Art Lessons - Lichtenstein Media

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