Printable Christmas Bookmarks

Would you like to try these Printable Christmas Bookmarks?

For the bookworms in your life, these bookmarks are festive and fun for the upcoming holidays.

Printable Christmas bookmarks

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DIY printable Christmas bookmarks

You can put them in your favorite holiday book or pass them around as a gift to friends and family.

Paper Christmas bookmarks

How to make printable Christmas bookmarks

What you need:

Materials used

Step-by-step instructions

Go ahead and print out the template.

Then you’ll want to color the Christmas characters in festive colors.

Step 1

Next, you can start cutting the pattern.

Step 2

Then you will cut different paper prints.

Step 3

Paste the top part of the template into the bookmark.

You can mix and match this step!

Step 4

In the end, you’ll have super fun bookmarks to share with everyone!

You can use these bookmarks for the classroom or holiday parties.

It’s something tangible that kids can take home and use every day!

Craft Paper Christmas Bookmarks

You can do this profession in a small or large group.

It’s a very practical craft that kids of all ages can do and enjoy!

Paper Christmas bookmarks

You can also pair these holiday bookmarks with a fun, festive book!

Read the book and then have the kids put together these holiday-themed bookmarks.

Printable Christmas bookmarks

Making these bookmarks is a great way for children to have a good old Christmas.

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Printable Christmas bookmark ideas

Get your printable Christmas bookmark template here

Printable Christmas bookmarks

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