Printable Easter Egg Paper Toy

This printable Easter egg paper craft is here to spread the joy! This Easter craft is really easy to assemble and your kids will love turning the pages to discover all the different characters and eggs.

Ready to make your own? Go for it!

Printable Easter Egg Paper Toys for Kids

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With both a pre-colored version and a black and white version for kids to color, this craft is perfect for any occasion.

This is a great project for the classroom because it is a “one page” template and requires no preparation for this activity.

Easter egg paper toys for children

How to make Easter egg paper toys

What you need:

Step by step guide

Print the template on cardboard. If using crayons or colored pencils, regular printer paper also works quite well, with markers it can wrinkle a bit as they bleed through the paper.

Color the designs.

Cut them out.

Looks fun right?

Fold them in half (there is a dotted line on the design there to help kids). The design should be on the inside.

Taking one of the folded eggs, we took the Easter egg design and applied glue to one side (on the outside).

Let’s take another design, in this case the chick…

And paste it on top of the first one. Ideally you want to switch between the character design and the egg design.

Fold the chick (or whatever design you choose) over and apply glue.

Glue onto the next design and continue until finished.

When you run out of eggs, apply glue to one of the open ends (not pictured)….

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And glue it to the remaining open end.

All has been done!

Now turn the pages to discover all the fun.

Pink Easter egg paper toy

The first few “circles” will be a little more difficult…

Easter Bunny Egg Paper Toy

…but once the paper loosens a bit everything turns over smoothly.

Easter egg star paper toy

Your child will have a lot of fun turning the pages.

Easter egg paper toys

From the first egg…

Green Easter Egg Paper Toy

…to the last chicken.

Easter egg-shaped paper toy

Get the printable Easter egg paper toy template

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