Printable Leprechaun Puppet – St. Patrick’s Day Activity

Are you ready for St. Patrick’s Day? Surprise your kids with a fun and exciting activity – buy our printable leprechaun puppet and let them colour it, fold it and then play with it.

A great afternoon or classroom activity that will spark children’s imaginations as they play with their own puppets.

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While I certainly like leprechauns now, I have to admit that a movie I saw as a kid left me terrified of this jolly fellow for quite some time. I’m sure (or hope) your kids don’t have the same experience with this guy because he makes for a great theme, along with the children’s holiday itself.

These funny looking bearded creatures are actually fairies, so what’s not to love? They’ve been known to spend their time mending shoes, and what’s even better – they hide pots of gold at the end of rainbows. How magical. If you catch one (trapping a leprechaun is a fun St. Patrick’s Day activity for kids) it might grant you a few wishes in exchange for its freedom.

We’ve designed a fun leprechaun puppet for your kids to color and fold (and most importantly, play with) to make St. Patrick’s Day super fun. We hope these puppets will appear in many of your kid-directed, fun puppet shows.

Printable Leprechaun Puppet

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What you need:

Watch Video Tutorial

Or follow the step-by-step instructions below

Start by printing out the puppet, preferably on thick printer paper or just use regular printer paper.

Get your child’s favorite coloring materials and start decorating. Your child will need to color the middle part of the puppet. The remaining two-thirds need not be colored (there is nothing wrong with that) as they will not be visible at the end.
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Also, color the hat and beard on the remaining paper.

Cut out the accessories.

Time to fold! There are dotted lines on the first sheet (the one with the puppet) – you have to fold along all of those lines.

Make the folds super sharp – we use a craft stick and run it over each fold. Simple and effective.

Once you have folded all the creases, unfold it.

Place the colored side of the paper facing the table. Fold the glue side in and apply glue to the entire paper.

Fold the other side over. Press to set the glue.

Now it’s time to create the M shape.

Fold along the dotted lines.

Now take the hat and beard and fold along the dotted line below the design.

Apply glue and stick the hat on your head.

Apply glue to beard and stick under chin.

All has been done!

Printable Adorable Leprechaun Puppet

Printable Leprechaun Puppet Craft

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