Printable People Quiet Book

Study with friends! This printable Quiet for Ones will guide your child through a variety of basic skills exercises – have your child put a hat on his head to match the colors or match the letters of the alphabet to build a police officer, chef or other fun characters.

Many interesting activities to explore.

Quiet Book for Happy People Printable - Activity book for preschoolers and kindergarteners

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You’ll find lots of fun activities for your children to explore in this people-themed activity book. Print the entire book or just choose the activities you think your child will enjoy the most. Laminate sheets of paper or use page protectors. Laminate the working parts and attach Velcro to them (they can also be used without Velcro).

What do you need to make this error activity book

  • Our printable people’s activity book
  • pressing machine and pressing bags
  • protect the optional page
  • adhesives
  • paper and printer
  • Dot Velcro or similar
  • drag
  • adhesive to fix small parts to the lamination bag

Quiet People Book Printable Activity Pages Instructions

Explore emotions

Emotions and facial expressions – let children explore joy, sadness, anger, surprise, shame, love, sickness and fear.

Printable Silence Book - Emotions

Alphabet match

Match the letters of the alphabet as you build career puzzles.

Silence for People Printable Book - Alphabet

Face puzzle

Fits faces. Including 2 men, 1 boy, 2 girls and an old woman.

Printable Silence Book - Matching


Match shapes to create silhouettes.

Printable Silent Book - Shapes

Explore colors

Match the hats to the kids wearing them.

Quiet People Book Printable - Color


Count the dots and connect the numbers

Silence for Everyone Printable Book - Numbers to Ten

+ dress the doll

Silence for People Printable - Activity Book

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