Printable Weather Spinners – Weather Vocabulary Learning

What better way to learn about the weather and improve your weather vocabulary than with a fun, interactive paper toy; Meet our printable weather videographers!

This interactive weather learning game will help children master the most common weather words and improve their vocabulary.

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We love different weather, but what we love most is seeing the colorful sky. Have kids use their favorite markers and color our Rainbow Coloring Pages.

Printable weather cam

These weather cameras are very handy both in the classroom and at home. They will help you introduce new words describing different weather phenomena to your child.

There are three different spinners in the set that come in full color and a black and white version that kids can color.

Paper weather camera

Children will help improve their vocabulary with words such as sun (sun), rain (rain), fog (fog), wind (wind), cloud (cloud), snow (snowy), storm (storm), tornado, rainbow, partial sunshine, raindrops, snowflakes, cold, heat, lightning and hail.

You can have your child match the cameras to the weather outside each day.

How to make a printable weather wheel

What you need:

Optional: fill material if you print black and white version.

Step 2

Step-by-step instructions

Print the templates on printer paper or heavier cardboard (for longer durability, you can laminate the spinners).

Step 1

Cut out the parts of the spinner.

Step 3

We need to poke two holes in the middle of each part of the spinner.

Punch a hole through the top.

Step 4

Now make a hole in the middle of the bottom spinner.

Step 5

Place the two spindle sections on top of each other and insert a split pin through both holes in the middle.

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Step 6

Turn the spinner face down.

Step 7

Fix the split pin.

Step 8

Your spinner is complete!

Repeat the steps for each of the three spins and let your kids learn about the weather!

Learn weather interactively

Make them spin!

Interactive printable weather cam

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