Religious Christmas Coloring Pages

Grab our cute free printable religious Christmas coloring pages to celebrate the reason for the season! These faith-based coloring sheets are perfect for advent.

Coloring picture of Baby Jesus in the manger with the baby lamb sleeping next to him. Drawn in black and white cartoon style.

Welcome colorists!

Are you feeling the joy of joy during the holiday season?

We hope you’ll take some time to explore our collection of free printable religious Christmas coloring pages.

Get into the Christmas spirit and grab these cute coloring sheets featuring a nativity scene, baby Jesus, wise men and a fun coloring sheet celebrating Jesus’ birthday.

These coloring pages offer a creative way to bring elements of the biblical Christmas story into your holiday festivities, making them perfect for families, Sunday schools, home groups worship and after-school programs.

Whether you’re looking to engage children in the Christian story of Christmas or simply enjoy a relaxing moment of festive color, our free downloadable PDFs offer A delightful mix of fun and spirituality for this lovely time of year.

Also, be sure to pick up our Religious Christmas printables while you’re here!

Free Printable Religious Christmas Coloring Pages

Below are some religious coloring sheets we created to add to our collection of non-religious Christmas coloring sheets. You can easily click the download button below each coloring sheet to get only the ones you want.

Terms of Use: Print as many copies as you like for your children, students, after-school groups, campers, church groups, etc. To share, please send a link to this page. Please do not sell them, email them, share copies online, or distribute them in any way for any other purpose. Thank!

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Simple nativity coloring page

This is a nativity scene coloring sheet for preschoolers, with a large space and simple design, perfect for little fingers and big crayons!

Full nativity coloring page

You’re all in on this classic nativity scene coloring page! In addition to Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus, we added some cute animals to the manger scene, along with wise men and an angel.

Religious Christmas coloring sheet depicting a nativity scene, including angels, stars, wise men, Mary, Joseph, Jesus, donkey and lamb.

Baby Jesus coloring page

Here’s a sweet little coloring page celebrating the newborn King, with a sleepy baby lamb beside Him.

Coloring picture of Baby Jesus in the manger with the baby lamb sleeping next to him. Drawn in black and white cartoon style.

Wise men coloring sheet

Of course, we have to include the magicians who made the trip to visit the Holy Family!

coloring page featuring illustrations of the 3 wise men from the Christian Christmas story

Happy birthday Jesus coloring page

One of our traditions is to bake cookies on Christmas day and sing Happy Birthday Jesus. It’s a great way to refocus the day when all the excitement of Christmas morning gifts has passed. Even if you’re not baking, you can still celebrate with this cute coloring sheet!

Happy Birthday Jesus Christ Christmas Coloring Page with cute cake and flag illustration

Happy coloring!


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