Santa in Chimney Pop Up Card

The holidays are quickly approaching and that means you have to channel your inner holiday lover and turn this Santa into a chimney pop-up card.

Is there anything cuter than Santa Claus hanging upside down on a chimney? No way. You and your family will LOVE making this pop-up card together.

Chimney Santa pop-up card template

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Santa may only come once a year, but when he comes it’s special. Celebrate this special time of year with the Santa in the Chimney Pop-up Card.

How to make a Santa in the Chimney pop up card

What you need:

Step-by-step instructions

This Chimney Santa might look a bit complicated to make but he’s actually really easy to put together.

Go ahead and print out this template to start the process of creating this pop-up card. Once printed, you can start cutting.

After cutting the chimney, you can start cutting Santa’s legs.

Once everything is cut out, you will fold the chimney in half.

Once the chimney is folded in half, you will cut along the dotted lines on the chimney.

As you can see, there is a very nice slit at the top of the chimney.

Go ahead and reopen the template and you can see where the cut is.

The slot must be all the way through.

When the template is opened, it will look like this!

Now you will glue the template to a piece of red paper or the color of your choice.

Make sure you don’t apply glue to the part you cut.

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You will glue both of Santa’s feet into the slot. Make sure you glue the pins on the outside of the slot.

As you can see, it gives a 3-D effect!

Chimney Santa pop-up card

Get Santa in the chimney pop up card

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