Shark Clothespin Puppets

We have the coolest shark craft of the week to share with you – shark clothespin puppets! These little ocean friends are ready to munch on anything.

Perfect for summer vacation or to make shark week more fun. They are also a great companion to a particular song that we all know very well.

Printable shark clothespin puppet for kids

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If shark week is a regular *thing* in your household or classroom, just add these shark clothespin puppets to your “to do” list.

These puppets are super easy to make and kids love them. If you have younger kids, these are great for story time or helping them improve their fine motor skills, while older kids will love playing with them in a variety of imaginative scenarios.

Combine these puppets with any of the others in our clothespin sets and you’re sure to have hours of fun playing.

Printable Shark Puppet Clothespin

Who can resist a cute (and ferocious) shark like this?

Clothespin Shark Puppet

How to make shark clothespin puppets

What you need

Instructions step by step

Start by printing out the templates. The heavier the paper, the better (although you can also laminate the puppets).

If you print in black and white, it is best to color before cutting, so continue to let your child color the puppets in whatever colors they feel best suit their little sharks.

Next comes the cutting. Cut out the shark outline.

Also cut along the mouth line.

You’re almost done! Take your clothespin and apply glue to the clip (try not to get any glue on the clip or the clothespin will stick).

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Glue the top of the puppet to the top clip area and the body to the bottom.

All has been done!

Your shark clothespin puppet is ready to play.

Get the shark clothespin puppets here

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