Simple Movable Halloween Crafts

Who doesn’t love a movable craft – print out our simple movable Halloween craft template and let your kids make a cool looking spider, bat and cat! Each animal has movable parts, flapping its wings, moving its head, tail or legs.

These make a great Halloween craft for the classroom or for a fun afterschool project at home. They will also be useful at a children’s Halloween party.

Simple portable Halloween crafts

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Just look how awesome they are! With the bat, the wings can be moved to make the bat fly and so can the head.

The cat will wiggle its tail. Once you’re done with this, why don’t you color in some of our super fun Halloween coloring pages?

Portable Halloween crafts

And the spider will move all its legs as well as its head.

Simple DIY Movable Halloween Spider Craft

How to make simple portable Halloween crafts

What you need:

  • Our printable template
  • coloring material if printing black and white version
  • drag
  • split pin/paper bra
  • hole punch or other tool for making holes in paper for bras

Materials used

Step-by-step instructions

If you print the black and white version of our simple moveable Halloween craft, the first thing to do is color all the parts of the craft.

Step 1

Next cut them out.

Step 2

Punch holes where needed. If you want to simplify your craft, you can also glue some parts (like the bat or spider’s head).

Step 03

Align the holes and push the split pin through.

Step 4

Protect it.

Step 5

Repeat with all holes and split pins.

Step 08

All has been done! You’ve made one of our simple portable Halloween crafts.

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Movable paper Halloween characters

Now on to the next part, it’s all assembled the same way.

Step 9

The cat only has one movable part so it is very suitable for children.

Moving Paper Halloween Cat Craft

Moving Paper Halloween Bat Craft

Simple moveable Halloween craft ideas

Get your simple Moveable Halloween Craft Template here

Simple movable Halloween craft template

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