Simple Paper Bat Craft

There’s nothing simpler when it comes to crafting – we just know you’ll love this simple paper craft.

This is a great Halloween craft for kids and it can be easily made in the classroom – economical, quick and fun. Additionally, you can hang them and decorate your classroom coolly.

Simple paper bat craft for kids

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Bats are a great crafting theme for fall or Halloween. These mammals are one of the most interesting because they can fly like birds. Fascinating, right?

This craft idea is really simple, and since it only uses paper (and the option of Google eyes or stickers) it’s a really frugal idea. You can also turn it into a recycled craft, just use old paper and let the kids paint it black before starting to make their bats.

Simple paper craft ideas for kids

How to make simple paper crafts

What you need:

  • black paper
  • White paper
  • drag
  • glue
  • Optional: googly eyes or eye stickers

Step-by-step instructions

Start by cutting two wide strips of black paper. About 2 inches / 5 cm and about the width of a letter / A4 sized sheet of paper.

This is all the black paper we will need to make this bat craft.

Take one of the strips and add a little glue to one end.

Connect the ends together to form a roll. Let the glue harden.

Fold the remaining strip of paper in half.

Cut out the bat wings (you can draw them first) – maybe this is a tutorial on how to draw bat wings.

Separate the wings.

Fold the wings at the end closer to the body and apply glue.

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Glue the wings onto the paper roll.

Cut two ears from the pieces of black paper you got when cutting the wings and glue them on top of the roll (on the inside).

Next, cut two long triangles from white paper and glue them onto the bat.

There are also two more wiggly eyes.

Simple Paper Bat Craft is ready for display.

Simple paper craft ideas

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