Sock Pig Craft – How to Turn a Sock into a Pig

Learn how to make pigsty sock crafts! Turning an ordinary pink sock into a fun-looking pig will bring joy to your home (it can make a fun door stopper). This is a great project to introduce children to basic sewing because very little sewing skill is required.

Pig sock craft

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Pig socks

So let’s get started!

Making pig sock crafts is one of the easiest crafts you’ll ever make!

Pig sock sewing

How to make handmade pig socks

What you need:

  • pencil
  • drag
  • nude
  • felt material (2 colors pink and white)
  • a needle
  • topic
  • Two black beads
  • fiber

Materials used

Step-by-step instructions


Take a pink sock and fill it with white material.

Step 1

Cut off the excess sock so no excess sticks to the pig.

Step 2

Take the top of the sock and sew.

Step 3

Sew tightly so that none of the stuffing falls out.

Step 4


Now you will draw a pink muzzle on the canvas.

Step 5


Go ahead and draw two circles on the pink fabric for the nostrils.

Step 7

You will also want to sew the nostrils onto the pig’s snout.

Step 10


Next, draw two eyes on the white fabric.

Step 6

Take the black fabric and cut out two small black circles.

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Step 8

Sew the black circles to the white circles to create the eyes.

Step 9

The eyes will then be sewn onto the pig.

Step 11

Next, you will sew on the pig’s snout.

Step 12


Now let’s create the pig’s ears. Draw an ear-like shape on the pink material.

Step 13

Continue cutting a corner of the fabric to make a pig’s ear.

Step 14

Sew the pig’s ears together.

Step 15

Sew it up.

Step 16

You will do this twice.

Step 17

Sew the ears onto the pig.

Step 18

Make sure you do this with both ears.

Step 19


Now it’s time to create the 4-legged pig.

Draw them on pink felt and cut them out.

See how the hind feet are a little smaller?

Step 20

Start sewing the legs onto the pig.

Step 21

You should do this with all four legs.

Step 22

The final product is this pig sock craft!

Step 23

You can name them and start your day of fun and exploration with your newly bonded best friend.

DIY handmade pig socks

We think it looks adorable!

Make your own handmade socks for pigs

How do you like yours?

Pig sock craft ideas

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