Space Coloring Pages (Free Printable PDFs)

Free printable space coloring pages that are easy to download and fun for all ages to color. Download a free PDF for each coloring page below.

Coloring page featuring an astronaut and a cat in space with stars and part of the moon, with earth in the distance

Hello colorists!

Are you ready for some out of this world coloring fun? Grab your favorite coloring tools and download our free printable space coloring pages below.

We’ve created some more fun coloring pages, like a cat in space and a cute alien – alongside pages that can be used for educational purposes like a solar system coloring page.

And you can freely choose rockets and spaceships!

Most of these coloring pages are simple enough for preschoolers, with large shapes and thick lines. However, there are also some options for older kids in your group who have the patience and fine motor skills to color in the smaller details.

We hope you enjoy these coloring pages and that they bring joy to your day!

Free Printable Space Coloring Pages

Space themed coloring sheets set on a purple background

Here are some cute space coloring pages for kids. You can easily click on the download button below each coloring page to get the ones you want.

Terms of Use: Print as many copies as needed for your child, student, after school group, camper, church group, etc. To share, please send a link to this page. Please do not sell, email, share copies online, or distribute them in any way for any other purpose. Thanks!

Cute alien coloring pages

This little alien is on an adventure and ready to explore new things in our galaxy.

cute alien coloring page on spaceship with stars and planets

Astronauts Are Friendly With Cats In Space

This is an astronaut’s version of take your pet to work day! This particular cat loves to visit new places and today they got to go to the moon!

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Coloring page featuring an astronaut and a cat in space with stars and part of the moon, with earth in the distance

Simple spaceships and rockets to color

Need some different rocket coloring sheets for kids that are easy? Get a few different variations of this rocket ship.

Spaceship Coloring Pages with Moon and Stars

easy space rocket coloring sheet with starburst background

Rocket launch

Are your kids excited about rocket launches? It’s fun to count down and watch the big boosters propel the space shuttle into space. Here’s a simple coloring sheet to capture the moment!

Coloring page with image of spaceship launching by rocket.

Solar system coloring page

Here’s a super cute coloring sheet that depicts our solar system, complete with asteroid belt! To add a learning element for older kids, have them label the planets as they color.

Full solar system coloring page with planets, sun, stars and asteroid belt, illustrated in cute style

Cute space coloring pages

This cute coloring page is full of space fun! Get this printable for kids who are looking for a full coloring page and will enjoy coloring in smaller sections.

Space coloring pages with planets, astronauts, aliens in spaceships, meteors, asteroids, sun and stars

Happy coloring!


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